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News From the Fletcher White Archives

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Gerry Pety
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Weather wise this has been a stupendous summer with mostly moderate temperatures during the day and cool evenings. Very similar to last summer when you think about it. Well, summer is just about through and we all need to buckle down and do the things we have been putting off, like coming to the archives! We have just finished putting many of our files in order and adding new materials. George and Marcia have been doing organizational and genealogical duty, James has been doing historical investigation and our intern, Veronica, has been typing labels, labels, labels and even more labels (Al's idea!). Lyle, our map specialist, has been out most of the summer with an ill mother. Hope she is up real soon. Lyle, you have many maps depending on you!

Our new elevator was installed in July for those of you who have difficulty navigating stairs, whether in a wheel chair, scooter or just walking. So if you have been using this as an excuse, um, you now have no excuse whatsoever! It is easy to use and we will help you understand its simple operation.

We have had several acquisitions to the genealogy area. A big thank you to Donald Staebler, who after much research, contributed a very large binder edition on the Staebler family, a rather well known family around these parts. Another thanks to Kathryn Suitor Boyle for all of the additional information/photos added to the Swift family file. We also received from her two textbooks used by the Swift family in the 1880's: Harpers Second Reader for 2nd Grade, and Sheldon's General History, a high school textbook. Both are impressive when you realize how much the kids were required to read and know compared to today's children at the same age! We have people who study 19th century public school curriculum come in often to seeking these old books. Seems that what is old is also new again in the education of our children.

Also, thanks to Bob Bowen for the aerial photographs of the old, south side Ford Plant in Ypsilanti. Hard to believe that until Bob brought these in we had very little photography of the plant which had been there for over 50 years. How time flies!

Barbara Miller brought us an entire historical cache regarding an organization called Church Women United. This is a cooperative group of church women of all faiths working in coordination with one another for the good of the community and their respective religious groups. Thank you Barbara, it is here for all who wish to do research on this group.

Finally, George Ridenour, through the auspices of the YHS, is doing genealogical investigation for those who would like to research that recluse aunt Maude or that crazy uncle Chuck, but do not have the time or knowledge to do so. Charges are reasonable and if you would like to know more either call or stop by the archives for the details. This is in addition to those who want to do their own research and just need a little help, which is still free at the archives.

So unless a court of law has an electronic tether on your leg, and won't let you come to see us, you have NO excuse not to be here at the YHS Archives!


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