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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Winter 2008

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In This Issue…

*John Burton, One of the First African American Mayors in Michigan: Ypsilanti’s John Burton made history in 1967 when he was one of the first three African American mayors elected to office in Michigan.
*Gone but Not Forgotten: Our Interns provide a glimpse of some of the information and photographs in the collections house in our Archives.
*An YPSIAEROTROPOLIS!: Tom Dodd and James Mann discuss some of the visionaries of the past and the Ypsilanti area airports.
*The Ypsilanti Community Band – The First 30 Seasons: Dr. Jerry Robbins, Director of the Ypsilanti Community Band since 1998, provides details about the history of this musical group.
*Historic Buffalo Street Property Awaits New Inhabitants:Jeff Davis, volunteer in the Archives, provide a brief history of Buffalo Street property currently “For Sale.”
*The Circus Train: Peg Porter shares a picture of a hand crafted circus train that her father made for Bill and Mary Claire Anhut.

Society Briefs:

*From the President’s Desk
*Museum Board Report
*News from the Fletcher White Archives

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