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Museum Board Report (Summer 2012)

Museum Board Report (Summer 2012) image
Kathryn Howard, Chair Museum Advisory Board
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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After a beautiful spring, all Board members are back and fulfilling their responsibilities. We are back to normal. Our Museum being a “House”, it’s like doing your home “Spring Cleaning,” with each member having their sub-committee members helping them and reporting back.

The Art Exhibit was a great success; not as many artists, but a wonderful display of very talented work. We also have some of Fofie Pappas’ beautiful wood carvings in our showcase. Our display of Diane Schick’s collection of thimbles is very popular and will be here all summer.

The manikins have been re-dressed and “new gowns” were found in our closets and are truly lovely. These gowns are summer fashions, some with hem-stitching of superior quality. Fofie, Nancy and Laura are very fashion-minded with their choice of garments and accessories.

In early spring I received a call from Valencia, California from an individual whose ancestors lived here. Her name is Jennifer Brickner. She had what we call a “sewing carousel” that belonged in her family. It is hand-carved and on the carousel is carved “Philinda Walker Babbitt 1834.” What a find! Also, “Ypsilanti” is carved underneath the bottom. In later years, her grandfather worked at the Henry Ford Museum and lived in Dearborn. Even though it’s small in size, we feel it is quite an artifact for us. It is on display in the case in the Kitchen with some of Diane’s thimbles. George Ridenour is researching for more history on the family.

The Civil War Exhibit is still in place and the Lost Ypsilanti Exhibit will be up for the summer featuring towns and settlements that were here and now are gone.

We are getting ready for Ypsilanti Heritage Festival on August 17, 18, 19 and plan to have exhibitions and demonstrations out in the yard with an exhibit on the War of 1812.

The Quilt Exhibit will be here September 23-October 7. Rita has already made the quilt that will be given away.

Have a great summer and come see all the new displays.