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Ypsilanti History - It's a Test!

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Peter Fletcher
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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1. What Medal of Honor awardee is buried in Highland Cemetery?
2. What Ypsilanti couple raised national prize winnings dogs? Hint: The breed is considered quite unfriendly.
3. Name the Ypsilanti native who became well acquainted with Bob Hope of movie fame through a mutual interest in golf.
4. Identify the four Ypsilanti brothers who were each Presidents of their respective senior classes at Ypsilanti High School.
5. Why do loyal Ypsilantians refer to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital as St. Elsewhere?
6. Many will recall the visit of Mohammed ali AKA Cassius Clay to the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti long ago. What is the updated Clay connection now with the Credit Bureau?
7. Tell about themurder in 1951 committed by a grandson of a long time Sergeant in the Ypsilanti Police Department.
8. Former Michigan Governor William g. Milliken is considered the epitome of a perforce gentleman, yet he recently phoned an Ypsilantian he apointed to two different state offices and urged him to keep on "raising hell and stirring up trouble." Who received the call?
9. A Michigan Governor with an Ypsilanti connection was nicknamed Soapy Williams. what was his real first name?
10. Three generations of the Fink family of Ypsilanti have occupied public office. Name them and their respective offices.
11. "Festival of LIghts" was the name of what seasonal event held a number of years ago?
12. Our local teacher training college operated two lab schools with what famous names?
13. The federal draft law had to be revised to accommodate what problem created by February 29th?
14. Give an example of a "New" car concept that is really a recycling of an old idea.
15. How many local streets are named after U.S. Presidents and how many can you name?
16. Have you encountered anyone in the last year for the first time who knew the correct orogina of the name Ypsilanti?
17. Recite the saga surrounding a change in the method of picking up trash each week.
18. When did Ypsilanti change to a City Manager form of government and who was the first City Manager?
19. What nearby stretch of Interstate Highway was designed to encourage use of bike paths along the Freeway?
20. Here is the answer: "Disappointed." What is the question?

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(Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)