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Solarium Named for Norton Family

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The solarium, which is located on the South side of the Museum, was named for the Norton family at the membership meeting of the Ypsilanti Historical Society on September 9th. The Norton family first arrived in Ypsilanti in 1864 when Austin and Sarah Norton moved here from Sharon Springs, New York. The family is fortunate to have the diaries written by Sarah Norton starting in 1864 and continuing until her death in 1906. The program for the membership meeting covered 150 years of the Norton family in Ypsilanti including the family flower business that was started in 1892 on Lowell Street, on land now owned by Eastern Michigan University. Bill Nickels presented the program which was followed by the dedication of the “Norton Family Solarium.” Many members of the family attended the program and dedication. The Norton family members and those attending the program were escorted by David Thomson, bagpiper, from the Education Center in the Archives through the front entrance of the Museum and into the solarium for the presentation. The “Norton Family Solarium” has a new name plaque along with a series of pictures of the Norton family. Also available in the solarium are copies of a special issue of the Gleanings titled “150 Years of the Norton Family and Businesses in Ypsilanti” that visitors may take to read about this remarkable family. Next time you visit the Museum make sure you visit the newly dedicated “Norton Family Solarium.”

Photo Captions: 1. The “Norton Family Solarium” contains plants that were common in this area during the late 1800s

2. David Thomson led the Norton family and other visitors up the stairs, outside and in the front door of the Museum to the dedication of the solarium

3. Plaque

4. The series of Norton family pictures posted on the wall of the solarium

5. Austin and Dorothy Norton and other members of the Norton family who attended the dedication of the solarium


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