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From the President's Desk

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Alvin E. Rudisill
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Our major maintenance efforts over the past several weeks have been dedicated to: 1) the repair and painting of the stairways leading to the second floor and the basement and the replacement of the kickpads; 2) the resurfacing of the floor in the front hallway and the painting of all the front hallway trim; and 3) the purchase and installation of runners in the front hall. Our next efforts will be to repair and/or replace the front and back entrance doors. Our sincere thanks to all those involved in these efforts, and to the volunteers who moved artifacts around so the repairs could be completed.

Our February membership meeting program was presented by Bill Nickels on "The Starkweather Farm." Bill has become quite an expert on the farm and the next issue of the GLEANINGS will contain an article about the farm.

There have been some changes in the EMU Interns that serve in both the Museum and the Archives. First, Lauren Carpenter is now Lauren Thomson due to a recent marriage. Congratulations Lauren! Second, Deirdre Fortino graduated with a Master's Degree in Historic Preservation and has been replaced by Melanie Parker. Congratulations Deirdre and welcome Melanie.

We are continuing our efforts to raise funds to pay off the balance owed the City of Ypsilanti for the purchase of the property at 220 North Huron Street. We are still approximately $20,000 short of our $125,000 goal and our Endowment Fund Advisory Board will be planning and implementing fundraising programs over the next few months to close out this effort. Our thanks to all those who have made significant contributions in support of the YHS Museum and Archives over the past few years.

If you are not currently on our email listserv, please call the Museum at 734-482-4990 and have your name added. We are using the listserv only for program notifications. Your email address will not be shared with others. Also, please check the Event Schedule on our web site for upcoming special programs and displays.

We are looking for volunteers as docents for the Museum or research assistants for the Archives. Both the Museum and Archives are open from 2 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. If you are available during that time and are interested in helping us preserve the historical information and artifacts of the area, or in educating the general public about our history, please give me a call at 734-476-6658.


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