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Snapshots of Ypsilanti

Snapshots of Ypsilanti image
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“Snapshots of Ypsilanti” was a project orchestrated by Graduate Assistants Ashley Turner and Melanie Parker. It was completed during the 2014 Heritage Festival parade and is now on exhibit at the museum. Community members were invited to select an image that sparked their interest or evoked a memory, and paste it onto the poster board. This created a collage of “Snapshots of Ypsilanti History.” All of the photos are prints of digitized images from the Ypsilanti Historical Society collection. For more information on our digitization project, visit the Photo Archives on our website,

Photo Captions: Photo 1: Ashley Turner working the “Snapshots of Ypsilanti” table at the Heritage Festival. Photo 2: The completed collage of “Snapshots of Ypsilanti History.”