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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Spring 2010

Ypsilanti Historical Soceity
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In this issue...

*Eph Thompson – Elephant Trainer: A little known story about a world renowned elephant trainer born in Ypsilanti.
*Harvey C. Colburn: Peg Porter provides details about the life and times of the author of “The Story of Ypsilanti.”
*The Swift House: James Mann provides a history of the Swift House which was located where the Gilbert Residence exists today.
*The 1944 Christmas Eve Air Plane Crash: “Ellie” Rose now lives in the old Ypsilanti High School but clearly remembers that Christmas Eve back in 1944.
*Ward G. Swarts (1906-1979): Ward G. Swarts, local architect, designed over fifty residential houses in southeast Michigan from 1939 to 1959.
*The Famous Ypsilanti Fence Trial: A 1920 court case that is typical of the frequent
claims that have existed among farmers for the damages to property by neighboring stock.”
*Rest at Ease Mr. Opem: Martin Opem, a life-long resident of Ypsilanti, died in 2009 at 63 years old and left a collection of military uniforms to the Ypsilanti Historical Society.
*When Lions Stalked the Streets of Ypsilanti: On Aug. 1, 1949 the Detroit Lions reported for training camp at a new location, Michigan State Normal College.
*They Called Him “Yip”: More information about a little known ball player from Ypsilanti named Frank Malcolm “Yip” Owen.
*Enlightened Ypsilanti: The social phenomenon of Chautauquas came about in the late 19th Century as a way to bring knowledge and culture to isolated communities.
*Fatal Accident Followed by Tragedies: A series of tragedies that began on August 5, 1934, when Adam Filant was killed when struck by an automobile.

Society Briefs:
*From the President’s Desk
*It’s a Test
*Music at the Museum
*Finds in the Archives
*Fletcher White Archives
*Book Review: Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives

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