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Ypsilanti History -- It's a Test!

Ypsilanti History -- It's a Test! image Ypsilanti History -- It's a Test! image
Peter Fletcher
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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So you think you know the history of Ypsilanti. The following is the first in a series of tests related to the history of Ypsilanti. Turn to page 25 of this issue of the Gleanings to find the answers to each of the questions.

1. What is the most common confusion associated with the name Ypsilanti?
2. What was the single greatest natural phenomenon from long ago that is still impacting us today?
3. Who was the first European explorer to come through this area and when did that occur?
4. What is the founding date of Ypsilanti?
5. Martin VanBuren, Ulysses Grant, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton have something in common related to Ypsilanti. What is it?
6. In 1835, Ypsilanti levied the first tax. How much was it for the entire year?
7. What tax incentive did Ypsilanti give to entice Eastern Michigan University to locate here?
8. Name the Michigan governor who practiced law in Ypsilanti?
9. President Lincoln once remarked “Thank God for Michigan.” Why?
10. Without reading any inscriptions, how do you know Union dead are buried in Highland Cemetery?
11. Tell about the artifact from the Kennedy assassination thought to be here.
12. Where did Horace Rackham of the Rackham School at EMU make his money?
13. What is the reason for the name of Ridge Road east of here?
14. What connections did Henry Ford have with Ypsilanti?
15. When, where and how many B-24 Bombers were built?
16. Name the automobiles and auto parts with Ypsilanti roots.
17. What is the origin of the name Willow Run?
18. Who invented the idea of sales incentives?
19. Cite examples of successful and failed leadership in Ypsilanti’s history.
20. Who and what brought Mohammed Ali to Ypsilanti?
21. Why was the high school paper called the “Ypsi Sem” and the yearbook the “Ypsi Dixit?”
22. What was the Michigan State “Normal” School?
23. Ypsilanti was involved with what three famous murders?
24. The wife of what Ypsilanti industrialist was a descentant of Martha Washington?
25. What are the “French Claims?”
26. What current business over 100 years old reflects the original economy of this area?
27. Ypsilanti was the stopping-off point for which Presidential assassin?
28. Have you met the most notorious highwayman in the history of Ypsilanti?

Check your answers beginning on page 25. If you got more than 20 answers correct you are eligible to be nominated for President of the Ypsilanti Historical Society. If you got less than 10 answers correct please stop by the YHS Archives and we will sign you up for regular visits to do research related to the colorful history of our fine city.

(Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)