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Membership Report

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Membership Report
By Peg Porter, Membership Committee Chairperson

Congratulations to all who helped with the “new members” campaign. We set a goal last August to attract 80 new members over the next twelve months. We have not only met our goal but exceeded it by 14, for a total of 94 new members.

Thanks to Pam German and Veronica Robinson, who helped in tracking membership. I wrote a brief article in an earlier issue titled "Yes We Can!" How true that turned out to be.

A list of new members follows: Aug-08: Sharon Khoury, William Vollano, Emily Burrell, Rory & Donna Carpenter, Scott Davis; Sept-08: P.M. Dixon, Mike & Val Kabat, Rick Katon & Peg DuFresne, Amy Reed; Oct-08: Jeffery Bonacci, Joan Weber, Ken & Peggy West, J.E. Terrall; Nov-08: Betty Coxford, David Curtis, Faye Barnes, Janet Buchanan, Jeff Davis, Deborah Pittman; Dec-08: Lola Ashby, Judy Barnett, Karl Barr, John Barr Jr., Elizabeth Barr-Letter, Joan Groh, Ethelyne Hazelwood, Ingrid Johnson Caverly, Mary Maloney, Ed & Sue Pear, Micah & Lisa Porter, Kenneth Robinson, Jessica Williams; Jan-09: Robert & Nancy Taylor, Harold & Linda Rex, Fran Doe, Sarah Winans Newman, Charles Anderson, Roger Stoughton; Feb-09: Ceil Hoeft, Cathy Kemling, Suzanne Buck, Gary Allward, Kirk Allward, Lance Allward, Lyle McDermott; Mar-09: Laura Bien, Jeane Magee, Doris Moxley, Mildred Phelps, Apr-09: Pam German, Katherine Vogel, Paul Tedesco, Charles George, Vernon Usher, Liz Saines, Tony Mullins, Robert and Toni Johnson, Robert Johnson, Andy Shaver, Lois Kamoi; May-09: Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Carey, Ms. Sue Crittenden, Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hinkley, Mr. & Mrs J.T. Montonye, Ms. CE Navarre, Ms. Catherine Obermeyer, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Russell, Ms. Eileen Trott, Mr & Mrs. Jack Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wildman, Jun-09: David Farquharson, Phillis Holtzman, Mary Ann & Donald Massey, Joel & Sandy Osborn, Lloyd Ridenour, Walter Schwall, Kenneth Warner, Jul-09: Jim Ashby, Jay & Pat Baxter, George Borel, Betty & Frazier Byrd, Mary L. Fancher, Gilbert Residence (Ypsilanti), Michelle Kirwan-Woods, Chris Kuenning, Andrea Linn, Jean Schmidt, Katherine Yung, Jim Ashby, Jay & Pat Baxter, Aug-09: Grace Chamberlin Kelly, Martha Churchill, Klaus & Diane Huser, Glen & Doris Rowe, and Robert & Carol Sutter.