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Museum Board Report

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Museum Board Report
By Virginia Davis-Brown

Wow, can you believe it is already September and that means the trees will soon turn color and nature will paint a beautiful picture. The days are also getting much shorter; a sure sign that fall is just around the comer.

The Lost Ypsilanti Exhibit, "Henry Ford’s Influence on the Ypsilanti Area," has been a great success. It has brought back many memories of years gone by. Some couldn't believe that Mr. Ford made a plastic car and clothing out of soy beans and that he also had come up with Ethanol in 1938. What has taken us so long? He was certainly far ahead of his time.

The Heritage Festival is now a memory but we were very fortunate for have the kick-off Fund Raiser on our new cement driveway and we were able to entertain about 200 guests that evening. Many of the visitors that night had never been in the museum or archives. Altogether we had about 700 people visit during the extended hours over the Heritage Festival weekend. We could not have done it without the help of some 70 volunteers. Thank you so very much for your help.

The Quilt Exhibit will have its open house on September 27 and run until October 11. We anticipate having at least 100 quilts on display. We have promises that some very interesting and unique ones will be displayed this year. I hope you will be able to come in and bring a friend with you. It is always more fun to view the exhibit with friends or family members.

Many display cases have been changed and have new exhibits and some of the rooms have been completely changed. In the Ypsilanti room there is an exhibit of items that were made in Ypsilanti. Some of the items on display may surprise you.

Have you ever thought about being a docent? We are in need of volunteers to fill some vacancies. It requires a three hour commitment each month and you will be trained and work with another docent. If you are interested please call me at 734-484-0080.

Thanks again for all your support.