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Pumping Station

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Bill Nickels
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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During a recent tour of the Ypsilanti Ford Plant I discovered information about an old post card that I bought many years ago. The post card picture is titled “Pumping Station” and shows buildings that are part of the Ford plant. An 1890 bird’s eye map shows that the “Pumping Station” as well as the “Water Works and Electric Light” facilities were located on the Ford site. The cornerstone indicates that the construction of the “Pumping Station” dates from 1886. As pictured, the building with the Roman arch survived for 123 years, the last 77 years as part of the Ford plant power house. In order to improve the marketability of the complex, Ford will soon demolish the western half of the plant, including the 1886 structure. We will lose some history in exchange for an opportunity for redevelopment of the site. (Bill Nickels is an active member of the Ypsilanti Historical Society and a regular contributor to the Gleanings.) Photo Captions: Photo 1: The “Pumping Station” on the Ypsilanti Ford Plant site dates back to 1886.

Photo 2: The cornerstone of the “Pumping Station.”

Photo 3: Bill Nickels on a recent tour of the “Pumping Station” on the Ford site.