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Peter Fletcher
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This is the second in a series of tests related to the history of Ypsilanti. Turn to page ___ of this issue to check your answers.

1. Where did the gypsies stay when they came through Ypsilanti from time to time in the 1930's?
2. Who always sat in the front office of the original Cleary College Building in downtown Ypsilanti in the 1920's and 1930's?
3. What former prominent public official lived in room 401 at the Huron Hotel for many years?
4. Name the Ypsilanti auto dealer who served on the Mackinac Island State Park Commission who was such a tightwad he refused to donate to the campaign of the Governor set to reappoint him to this coveted spot so as a result he was bounced?
5. Name the two commercial movie theatres in Ypsilanti prior to World War II and explain how they differed in their cinematic fare?
6. Three downtown Ypsilanti landmarks burned down at different times in the 1960's. Name them and what succeeded them?
7. What other building was built by the Swift family on the site of the Gilbert Residence at 203 South Huron Street?
8. Tell us about the bank robbery at the old National Bank of Ypsilanti when the money never left the bank but the culprit still spent six months in Federal Prison for the crime.
9. Other than being sons of Azro and Elizabeth Fletcher what did William, Harris, Robert & Foster have in common arising from an eerie coincidence at Ypsilanti High School?
10. During World War II Welch Hall on the EMU campus was pressed into emergency use for what educational purpose?
11. The initials "YPS" signifying Ypsilanti, MI gained national prominence for what reason after World War II?
12. Once each year in the 1930's the President of the University of Michigan would make a special visit to a private home on the west side of Ypsilanti for what important task?
13. Who was the last Republican (in 1963) to carry every precinct in the City of Ypsilanti when elected to a state office. Who was it and what office?
14. When voters in the City of Ypsilanti adopted a local option for liquor by the glass it carried in every voting location except one. Where was the exception?
15. At that same election the first attempt to adopt a millage to build a new library was defeated. What observation about the city did this provoke?
16. During World War II the southeast corner of the front yard of the Ypsilanti Public Schools at 210 West Cross Street was covered twice a year with two commodities, collected from all over town by students, badly needed for the war effort. What were they?
17. In 1942 a large billboard was installed next to the downtown Post Office on Michigan Ave. What was put on it?
18. On Sunday morning, November 24, 1963 every Church was crowded in Ypsilanti. Why?
19. Who left the office of Michigan Lt. Governor to become President of Eastern Michigan University and then returned to becoming Lt. Governor four years later?
20. What Ypsilantian was ordered to accept appointment to a state constitutional office he did not want by the Governor with the reminder "I have done things for you I did not wish to do - now you have to do this for me."?

(Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)