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News from the Fletcher White Archives

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Gerry Pety
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The YHS Archives advertises itself as “The Collective Memory of Ypsilanti,” and that is truer now than ever. Normally when one grows older, memory begins to fade – but not here. The older the archives get, the more of that “collective memory” is uncovered and exposed as our volunteers research the past and write articles and books for your knowledge and pleasure. The articles appear not only in the “Gleanings” but also on the Internet and in our local papers. Now, one of our own is again turning some of this research about our past into a delightful panoply of recently discovered memories that has slipped into the abyss of time.

Laura Bien, our Friday hostess in the YHS Archives, is a prolific writer and researcher and has written a book titled “Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives: Tripe-mongers, Parker’s Hair Balsam, The Underwear Club & More.” The book is available in the YHS Museum gift shop or in the YHS Archives. The Society will be sponsoring a book signing for Laura on April 24 between 2 and 5 p.m. in the Archives. But don’t wait to buy your copy, pick up one now and then bring it back on April 24 for the author’s signature and a little conversation.

A special thanks to Bill Ridenour, who is related to our own George Ridenour - Saturday host in the YHS Archives, for a copy of a book on the Underground Railroad in this area. This book adds to our “collective memory” of this explosive era in our history.

We extend our sincere appreciation to George Ridenour for his efforts in assisting people with research on family members and friends who once lived in Ypsilanti or the surrounding area. In addition to being an outstanding researcher, George is also a prolific author who contributes regularly to the “Gleanings.”

Laura and George are only two of the many people who volunteer time in the Archives and we keep adding to our staff. Recently Amanda Ross, who has experience working at The Henry Ford, has volunteered to serve as a staff member in the Archives on Saturdays. Welcome Amanda! We know that eventually the “researchin” and “writin” bug will infect you too as it has everyone else here in the Archives.