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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2010

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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In this issue.... * Peckville A hundred years ago anyone in Ypsilanti could point the way to Peckville. * A Tribute to the Unknown Dead City Treasurer Mabel Stadmiller delivered this Memorial Day tribute in 1927. * Laura Bien and “Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives” A brief background on Laura Bien, author, blog writer, archives assistant, poet, and researcher. * On the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak-Creek George Ridenour provides an insight into memories of bygone days and years growing up along West Clark Road. * 126 North Huron Street James Mann describes why a historic Ypsilanti house was demolished in 1935. * The Chautauqua Movement – More of the Story Jack Minzey provides some additional information about the Chautauqua Movement and his involvement with monitoring Michigan institutions of higher education. * Cemeteries, Kaiser-Frazers, a Japanese Opera and More Maureen Kerwin describes the YHS online digital photo archives project. * Polio, Iron Lungs, Cereal and K-Rations – The Life of Lamar Kishlar Lamar Kishlar was born in Ypsilanti in 1894 and later became well known for his inventions. * An Old Girl Comes Home Lyle McDermott describes how he stumbled upon an early black powder muzzle loader made in Ypsilanti. * The First of August Celebrations For many years the African-American population of the nation celebrated the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation on August first. * The Florence Babbitt Collection The Eastern Michigan University Archives has placed their Florence Babbitt Collection on permanent loan to the YHS Museum. Society Briefs: * From the President’s Desk… * Museum Board Report… * Scraps of History… Answers found HERE * Fletcher White Archives…

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