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Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap

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Peter Fletcher
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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This is the third in a series of tests related to the history of Ypsilanti. Click HERE to check your answers.

  1. At the inauguration of President George H. W. Bush on January 20, 1989 why did the retired President of the French Chamber of Commerce become quite excited on meeting a young man from Ypsilanti?
  2. Why was there a community chuckle when Eastern Michigan University named a new classroom building Pray-Harrold?
  3. Under what circumstances did a current Ypsilanti Township Trustee meet President Gerald Ford when he visited this area during his brief tenure as our Chief Executive?
  4. What were the Ypsilanti Braves called after the Ypsilanti High School Class of 1950 had five valedictorians?
  5. What situation put into question the construction of the Key Bank building at 301 West Michigan Avenue?
  6. Contrary to his customary “hands-off” policy, which two men did Governor William G. Milliken actively promote to become President of Eastern Michigan University?
  7. What was the “Save the Tower” campaign all about among young male students at the Michigan State Normal College?
  8. How did a young teenage boy from Ypsilanti named Cyril Tyler gain fleeting national fame?
  9. Which local business had a connection with Playboy Magazine that horrified the proper old ladies of town?
  10. How many of the items rationed or in short supply during World War II can you name?
  11. Why is it that even though World War II ended on August 14, 1945 that no automobiles or appliances are labeled as 1945 models?
  12. What is the most overlooked fact about Ypsilanti’s significant role in World War II?
  13. Who was the Ypsilanti business man who was cited for driving his car down the middle of the road and what was his novel but unsuccessful defense?
  14. Who was the hero from World War II who in 1951 spoke on the steps of the Ypsilanti City Hall at 300 North Huron Street and what was the reason for him being there?
  15. Who was the preacher that an Ypsilanti Grade School was named for that performed the wedding ceremony for a woman for whom another such school was named?
  16. Who was the prominent local man whose 90th birthday was marked by 90 different Ypsilanti High School students walking to his nearby home each delivering a single red rose?
  17. Name the small county schools that were combined with and absorbed by the Ypsilanti Public Schools.
  18. Name the three bus lines that served Ypsilanti following the Interurban of the 1920’s.
  19. Why was Roosevelt High School established on the Michigan State Normal College campus?
  20. With its Greek heritage how did Ypsilanti play a prominent role in pizza becoming popular in America?

The answers to this test can be found HERE. (Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)