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Test Answers – Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap

Test Answers – Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap image
Peter Fletcher
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Answers for the history test located HERE.

  1. The Frenchman was a direct descendant of Cadillac, the founder of Detroit, and he was thrilled to meet folks who had recently visited the city and could tell him about it.
  2. “Harold” Sponberg was the Eastern Michigan University President at the time and was about to exit under trying circumstances.
  3. Stan Eldridge was selected by his East Middle School classmates to represent the School as a greeter for President Ford when he arrived at the Willow Run Airport for a visit to the area.
  4. The Ypsilanti Brains.
  5. James Warner, the President of the Ypsilanti Savings Bank, had provoked a major dispute with the Ypsilanti City Council and it was only after an anonymous peacemaker stepped in and calmed the waters that the deal was made.
  6. John Porter and James Brickley.
  7. Urban myth was that if any co-ed graduated from the College as a virgin the Tower would collapse.
  8. He was a very talented boy soprano who then outgrew his talent.
  9. Peninsular Paper Company produced the high quality paper needed for the daring centerfold pictures of comely lasses.
  10. Food and gasoline were rationed while rubber tires, rubber bands, paper and paper clips were in short supply.
  11. Most American businesses were caught unaware that the War was going to end so quickly after the dropping of the Atomic Bombs and therefore it took time to convert back to civilian production.
  12. Very few people realize that a whole new plant and extensive new housing had to be quickly constructed to accommodate the war production facilities.
  13. David Landy asserted that he paid taxes on both sides of the road and therefore he should be free to use both sides at the same time.
  14. General Douglas MacArthur toured the country from west to east following his firing by President Truman.
  15. The namesake of Estabrook School conducted the wedding of Azro Fletcher to Elizabeth Lambie who later had “Fletcher School” named after her.
  16. Daniel Lace Quirk who lived at 300 North Huron Street.
  17. Begole and Frains Lake.
  18. Greyhound, Shortway and Blue Goose.
  19. It was established as a teacher training facility.
  20. Tom Monaghan started Dominos Pizza in Ypsilanti near the Eastern Michigan University campus and later expanded to more than 8,000 stores worldwide.