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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Fall 2010

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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In this issue....

*"Lost Restaurants” of Ypsilanti Readers share their memories of restaurants that were once part of the town’s business & social life.
*Dining in the Museum The YHS Museum was recently the site of a gala dinner cooked by John Kirkendall.
*Reed Organ Donated to the Museum A beautiful 1907 Ferrand reed organ was recently donated to the Museum.
*Marilyn Begole Chose Love Marilyn Begole declined an invitation to go to New York and pursue a career in dancing.
*River Street Neighbor’s Gossip and the Hutchinson Marriage A story about the troubled marriage of Clara and Shelley Hutchinson.
*Back to the Future The Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra concert on October 3, 2010, will celebrate Ypsilanti’s history through music.
*Book Review: Wicked Washtenaw County James Mann new book includes strange tales of the grisly and unexplained.
*Portrait in the Library J. Willard Babbitt is today all but forgotten but was one of the great men of Ypsilanti.
*YHS Archives Postcard Collection The collection includes photos and illustrations of the natural and built environment of Ypsilanti.
*Finding the Home of Benjamin Schofield Michael Newberry describes the research he did to locate Benjamin Schofield’s home.
*Plenty of Elbow Room An article about how mid-century architecture is often overlooked and easily dismissed.
*The Ypsilanti Phantom Prowler Between 1935 and 1940 there were 61 prowler incidents and 141 burglaries in Ypsilanti.
*Lamar Kishlar: Blondes Beware Larmar Kishlar had a brilliant, inventive mind but may also have been somewhat of a comedian.
*Ida Bourgdoff Goes Missing On the evening of October 28, 1905, a young 13 year old girl went missing in Ypsilanti.

Society Briefs:
*From the President’s Desk…
*Museum Board Report…
*Fletcher White Archives…

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