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YHS Archives Postcard Collection

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Derek Spinei
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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The collection of postcards in the Archives has recently been digitized. This collection provides illustrations and photographs of the natural and built environment of Ypsilanti and is a valuable and little-used resource for research. Especially well represented in the collection are the Huron River, Eastern Michigan University, and city parks, but there are also quite a few postcards displaying images of Cleary College, bridges, streetscapes, public schools and, of course, the water tower. Physically, the most unique postcard is one made of floppy leather which is postmarked 1906. An inherent problem with postcards is that we can’t necessarily glean from them the date they were printed, only when they were sent – and many of our postcards were never sent. Much of the other novelty souvenir postcard-type stationery we have does not lend itself to digitization because they feature multiple pull-out or fold-out images. (Derek Spinei is enrolled in the graduate program in Historical Preservation at EMU and is serving an internship in the YHS Archives.) Postcard Captions: Photo 1: The former Washtenaw Country Club at the time titled “Country Club and Golf Links, near Ypsilanti, Michigan.”

Photo 2: The log cabin constructed in Gilbert Park by the Kiwanis Club for the Ypsilanti Centennial in 1923.

Photo 3: Luna Lake in Prospect Park, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Photo 4: Willow Run Airport Terminal.