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Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap

Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap image
Peter Fletcher
Winter 2010
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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This is the fourth in a series of tests related to the history of Ypsilanti. Click HERE to check your answers.

  1. Which long ago real estate broker bragged “…my assets over are over $1,000,000” based on his office location rather than his financial statement?
  2. Who was the individual who asked “…did they ever think of breaking her arm?” while sitting through a painful high school violin recital?
  3. During World War II what did you have to have besides money to buy rationed items?
  4. When a local business man was told to stop referring to a fellow business man with a well known penchant for strong drink and nubile companions as “…a drunken whore monger” what did he use instead?
  5. In addition to having his name on the EMU College of Business there is an area known as the Gary Owen Memorial Mound. Explain.
  6. In the 1930’s a new Lincoln was always parked in a three car garage at 216 South Huron. Why?
  7. The first Washtenaw County Circuit Judge from Ypsilanti had a pecuniary eccentricity. What was it?
  8. What was the first Jewish owned business in downtown Ypsilanti and how was anti Semitism thwarted?
  9. Furniture stores often had unrelated businesses in the 1890’s. Give two examples in Ypsilanti.
  10. Prior to modern refrigeration what was a cheap and convenient local source of ice?
  11. Identify the downtown businesses prior to World War II owned by these men: Cy Jenks, Herb Schlager, Charles Lamb, Irving Tyner, Connie Alex, David Landy, E. G. Wiedman, George Handy, and Harry Share.
  12. Name the Ypsilanti native who became a world renowned scholar on the British author John Milton.
  13. Tell us about the EMU graduate who loaned his top coat to George H. W. Bush to wear during his swearing in as our 41st President.
  14. Who was the Ypsilanti resident who developed the cruise control for cars?
  15. A local G.O.P. stalwart had difficulty getting a personalized license plate saying “G.O.P.4ME.” Why?
  16. Why should old timers recall the name “Joe Sackman?”
  17. In 1937 a very heavily loaded truck bound for Ann Arbor came through Ypsilanti with a special one-time shipment. What was it?
  18. Beginning in 1973 Ypsilanti started appearing as a destination on regional highway signs. Why?
  19. Where was the “Artificial Ice Company” and why was “Artificial” a misnomer?
  20. What was the trademark costume business man Fred Weinman wore in every 4th of July parade in the 1930’s?

The answers to this test can be found HERE.

(Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)


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