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Family Photo Pageant

Family Photo Pageant image Family Photo Pageant image
Derek Spinei
Winter 2010
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Our massive undertaking to digitize and document the Fletcher-White Archives’ collection of family photo albums is 50% complete. To celebrate the achievement we held a Family Photo Pageant for people who have lived or had family that lived in Ypsilanti. Immediately eliminated from contention were unidentified photos. Also, no contestant could compete in more than one category and their photo had to be in reasonably good condition for reproduction. Through careful contemplation, our panel of judges chaired by Michael Newberry made the painstaking decisions as follows. And the winners are:

(Disclaimer: The people in the photographs are real, but historical facts have been rearranged for entertainment purposes.)

Most Attractive Woman: Nora Delphine Varney (nee Jacox)

Nora’s beauty and the billowing sleeves of her gowns were the talk of the town.

Miss Congeniality: Alice E. Henderson

On the back of Alice’s photo is a detailed description of how she had the prettiest hands in town.

Studliest Man: Frank I. Cobb

Women loved him. Men loved to hate him.

Best Dressed: David Montangua

It was obvious that Mr. Montangua was particular about his appearance.

Most Feared: William L. McCullough

An adventuresome young William carrying two pistols and a rifle.

Most Flamboyant: Delinn C. Whitmire (nee Deubel)

Delinn’s wardrobe would be considered flamboyant even by today’s standards.

Best Couple: Will J. Stone and Bess Neat

This couple would be competitive today on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Cutest Baby: Amy Irene Crittenden

As a baby, Amy was hospitalized twice because of old women pinching her cheeks.

Best Dressed Child: Eloise Crittenden

Eloise loved to dress  up and have her picture taken.

Most Direct: John B. Russell

“I spent all day getting ready for this, now take the damn picture.”