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Test Answers – Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap

Test Answers – Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap image
Winter 2010
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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Answers for the history test from HERE.

  1. Harry Peet.
  2. Foster Fletcher.
  3. Coupons and tokens.
  4. “Inebriated slut seeker.”
  5. The berm on the entrance to east bound I-94 from U.S. 12 on the west side of Ypsilanti.
  6. That was the home of the Lincoln Auto Dealer.
  7. He always delayed in paying his property taxes.
  8. Family Department Store. When Detroit Edison demanded a co-signer a local Christian businessman stepped forward and co-signed even though they had never met.
  9. Mack & Mack & Moore Furniture stores also were Funeral Homes.
  10. The Huron River.
  11. Jenks Jewelry, Dixie Shops, Lamb’s Grocery, Smith Furniture, Avon Restaurant, Landy Furniture, Ford Dealer, and Ypsilanti Press.
  12. Harris Francis Fletcher, 2nd son of Azro Fletcher.
  13. Timothy J. McBride of Wayne, Michigan, who was the personal aide to Vice President Bush.
  14. William J. Graessley.
  15. Democratic Secretary of State Richard Austin ruled it was obscene.
  16. He was a popular local motorcycle cop who lectured grade schoolers on safe pedestrian practices.
  17. The bells for the U. of M. Carillons.
  18. The new Highway Commissioner from Ypsilanti explained to the sign makers the importance of Ypsilanti as a destination.
  19. 20 South Huron. The ice was from the river and stored in sawdust during the summer.
  20. He always dressed as a clown in the parades.


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