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Ypsilanti History – It’s a Test!

Ypsilanti History – It’s a Test! image
Peter Fletcher
Spring 2011
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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  1. During the 1940’s a group of teen age boys were treated to a free movie at the Wuerth Theatre every six months. Why?
  2. What did these women have in common in the 1940’s? Mabel Freeman, Hazel Milks, Irene Ungrodt, Esther Sturm, Nora O’Connor and France Young?
  3. In World War II what was the major duty of the volunteer air raid wardens when night time air raids were staged:
  4. Name the prominent Ypsilantian who is a direct descendant of General Robert E. Lee?
  5. List the three daily Detroit papers of the 1940’s that were circulated here.
  6. Dr. O. Ray Yoder, Superintendent of the Ypsilanti State Mental Hospital had a simple theory on human mental health. What was it?
  7. Many early family diaries and letters referred to frequent serving of a dish based on an ingredient not native to this area. What was it?
  8. How many old time auto dealerships can you list and locate where no dealership exists today?
  9. Between 1858 and 1867 Chauncey Joslin, Arden Ballard, Parmenio Davis, Benjamin Follett, Edgar Bogordus and David Edwards began what tradition continuing to this day?
  10. A flexible metal red letter sign 8” x 15” reading “Sorry, Last Car” resurfaced from the 1920’s. To what is it referring?
  11. How many long ago closed Ypsilanti Auto dealerships can you name and where were they located?
  12. Downtown Michigan Avenue had many gas stations. How many can you name?
  13. What was the original name of the Ypsilanti Public Schools?
  14. In the late 1930’s a town character moved about with an unusual form of locomotion performing what service and known by what name?
  15. Tell us about the plays and the stars the summer of the Greek Theatre here.
  16. In 1943, 1944 and 1945 what empty public building was used to handle the overflow of grade school pupils the war brought to Ypsilanti?
  17. In 1946 what was the weekly subscription rate for the Ypsilanti Press?
  18. In the days before computers how were report cards presented for High School students?
  19. Explain how telephones worked prior to dials where actual operators were needed for each call.
  20. What should be done with those who question the accuracy of the answers provided for these queries?

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(Peter Fletcher is the President of the Credit Bureau of Ypsilanti and is widely known for his inspirational speeches.)