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Ypsilanti Gleanings, Summer 2011

Ypsilanti Historical Society
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* Civil War – Comrades in Arms: The story of four sons of Ypsilanti pioneers who served in the Civil War.
* Local Historic Districts: Michael Newberry recommends the four additional areas of the City of Ypsilanti become official Historic Districts.
* Ypsilanti Train Flower Girls – Can Their Spirit Move Us Again?: The gardens at the Ypsilanti train depot were considered to be “…the prettiest on the road.”
* General on Display: The portrait of Demetrius Ypsilanti painted by Edward L. Thompson once hung in the Huron Hotel.
* Whooping Cough Prerequisite of Birthday Party: A 1939 birthday party was held where a requisite for attendance was that you had to have had whooping cough.
* Sarah Santure Went Missing: Thirteen year old Sarah Santure left home in April of 1936 but didn’t arrive at the home of relatives in Detroit.
* Sister Mary Theodosia (Mug) – Touched by a Miracle: A story about how Sister Mary Theodosia, who passed through Ypsilanti, was touched by a miracle.
* Community Groups Focused on History: Jane Schmiedeke describes the focus of the three Ypsilanti groups focused on history.
* George Hammond and the Simocollon Stock Farm: The Ypsilanti area was once the home to very elegant farms with a variety of animals and a regulation mile long horse racing track.
* Ypsilanti History – It’s a Test!: Peter Fletcher provides another one of his tests about the history of Ypsilanti.
* A Picnic in the Park: a Snapshot of Ypsilanti Family Life in the 1950s: Peg Porter points out how different family life was like in the 1950s.
* Answers to 'Ypsilanti History -- It's a Test!'

Society Briefs:

* From the President’s Desk...
* Museum Board Report...
* Fletcher White Archives...

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