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Whooping Cough Prerequisite for Party

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Submitted by George Ridenour
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The following is a reprint from the Ypsilanti Daily Press, January 14, 1939.

“To be eligible for the party which Gerald Hawks gave Thursday for William Grannis on his seventh birthday, it was necessary to have had whooping cough, since the youthful host was a victim of the ailment. The guests were all chosen to meet this qualification and a merry time was enjoyed with games and refreshments. Many nice gifts were brought William.

The guests at William’s other birthday party given by his grandmother, Mrs. Edward Grannis, on Friday were not picked on this basis. They were Darrel Jensen, Darrel and Howard T GrotterJr., Robert and Richard Ramsey and Edmond Gooding, Jr. Games with prizes for all the guests were played and refreshments featured by a big birthday cake were served and William was brought birthday gifts. The party lasted from 3:30 to 5:30.”