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News from the Fletcher-White Archives

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Gerry Pety
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Ypsilanti Historical Society
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I have never seen a spring like this one where you need pontoons on your lawn mower to cut your grass! Good golly!

I surely expected that the Archives would have some rain leakage like past years – but not a drop. Jerry and Al should be commended for fixing a problem that has plagued the lower level of the Museum, where we are located, for decades.

When next you come to the Archives, be advised that we have a new member, Ms. Deirdre Fortino, who like her predecessor Derek, is studying with Dr. Ted Ligibel in the graduate program in Historical Preservation at Eastern Michigan University. My only worry was that being of Italian/Irish descent she did not know how to make some of those wonderful Italian nougat candies. Well, we are keeping her anyway as she fits in so well with my talented crew of volunteers here in the Archives. Welcome aboard Dee! (Oh, we are going to BUY Dee an Italian candy cookbook.)

Another improvement at the Archives is our ginormous, Minolta 7000, Mk II microfile/microfiche reader with the ability to copy screen images. After having to rely on the Eastern Michigan University Library and the Ypsilanti District Library for years to print out copies of newspaper articles, we now have that capability. The Archives, with an initial gift of $1,000 from Mr. and Mrs. Farmer, was able to raise the funds to purchase this massive mo-chine. Special thanks go to George Ridenour, who assisted Mr. and Mrs. Farmer with their research, and Marcia McCrary who helped organize a campaign to raise the funds, and to all the contributors who made this important addition to our Archives capabilities possible.

And finally, remember this, when the temperatures this summer go up and up, we are here in cool comfort, ready to assist you with any research you might be doing in anything Ypsilanti.