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The weather outside is frightful but down in the YHS Archives the temperature is absolutely delightful! In fact, Richard and Polly Sprague came all the way from Portland, Oregon just to cool off and do research with the help of our staff of talented volunteers. Good to have the Sprague’s back here in their hometown! There is plenty of really hot weather left this summer so come on down to our comfortable hideaway!

Well, we got a chance to try out our microfilm reader that we received in the spring and it is just the coolest thing to do research with. You can actually read the images without temporarily losing your eyesight. With just a little instruction our guests can use it too. Thanks again to all of you who participated/contributed to the cause. It is really something that we have needed for a very long time.

We continue to receive a significant number of contributions for our various collections. Even though some of them are not large or momentous, they still add to the information that we rely on to do research. Some of these items end up inspiring our writers or helping place a little history within reach of an understanding of what happened many years ago. Some of these stories from James, Laura, George, Jan, Peg and others end up in the “GLEANINGS,” which you are enjoying right now. So don’t throw it away if you believe it may contain something of value for us or other historical societies.

Besides the books we carry about the history of this area, we have for sale a book for all of you baby boomers about early Detroit television in the ‘50s and early ‘60s. It is a glimpse back to the simple days of Soupy Sales, Sagebrush Shorty, Johnny Ginger and all of the favorites that warped our young minds.

This book really explains a lot about who we are and why we all turned out soooo strange. Ed Golick is the author and he has an addendum website with many of the “interesting” videos mentioned in the book. We have a limited number of these books on sale in the Archives. It would be a great Christmas stocking--stuffer so come on down and take a look at it: “Detroit Television” by Ed Golick and Tim Kiska, part of the Images of America series by Arcadia Press.

[Gerry Pety is Director of the Fletcher-White Archives and a regular contributor to the GLEANINGS]


The Ypsilanti Historical Archives
contains the following collections related to people and places in Ypsilanti’s history:
Black History
Book–Early Education
Book–Local History
City & Township
Civil Docket
Criminal Docket
Directory–City & County
Family History Capers
General Subject
Michigan Pioneer
News Clippings
Tax Assessment Rolls
Telephone Directory
Willow Run
Ypsilanti Government
Veterans Project

The Archives are located in the basement of the Museum. The main entrance is on the north side of the Museum. You may park in the Museum parking lot or in the church lot across the street.

HOURS: The Archives are open Tuesday through Sunday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm except on national holidays. Serious historians and researchers, who need additional times or days, should call Gerry Pety at 734-572-0437 to make further arrangements.