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Below is a list of Ypsilanti Gleanings issues, 1990-1999. Browse a different decade. Jump to a specific year:     1990     1991     1992     1993     1994     1995     1996     1997     1998     1999

1990  (Back to top)  
March 1990 June 1990
A Scrapbook History of Lincoln Consolidated Building (1924-1961)
New Books at the Archive
Philo Ferrier
Looking Back: 1890s
Children's Room
Sheldon Crittendon Story
News from other Museums in the Area
Articles from the Ypsilanti Record, 1922
Story of Fans
August 1990 November 1990
Light Guard
Fourth of July: The Day at Ypsilanti
Oil Lamps
Spice Box
Sheldon Crittenden
The New Block, from Mrs. Esther Henninger's Scrap Book c.1875
From the Archives: A Letter from Henry Buck
Huron Mill
1991 (Back to top)  
February 1991 April 1991

News in 1891
Text from the Lambie Diary
Ypsilanti Parks
Mayor of Ypsilanti, 1891-1893: Henry P. Glover
Lambie Diary, 1894
June 1991 August 1991
Ypsilanti Parks
Lambie Diary, January-June 1895
What a Reunion Means
Soldier's Monument
Lambie Diary, July-December 1895
Candy Cane Park
October 1991 December 1991
Lambie Diary, 1896 The Tower
Cass Park
Lambie Diary, July-December 1896
American Shelf Clocks
1992 (Back to top)  
March 1992 June 1992
Brief History of Ypsilanti from Colburn's Book
Lambie Diary: January-June, 1897
Ypsilanti, 1892; The Depot Garden
Lambie Diary: July-December, 1897
First United Methodist Church
November 1992  
Lambie Diary: January-June, 1898
The John F. Barnhill Memorial Band
1993 (Back to top)  
February 1993 June 1993
Michigan Women First & Founders
Stained Glass Census
Lambie Diary: July-December, 1898
100 Years in Ypsilanti
Lambie Diary: January-April, 1899
December 1993  
An Article from the Ypsilanti Press, 1961
50 Years Ago
Diary of Lotte F. Warner
1994  (Back to top)  
April 1994 November 1994
Fletcher School
Diary of Lottie F. Warner
Helen W. McAndrew
James Westfall
Adams School
Masonic Temple
1995  (Back to top)  
April 1995 July 1995
Chappelle School
Diary of Erastus W. Basom
Ypsilanti Yesteryear
Roosevelt High School
Hillside Farm
Ypsilanti's Heritage
October 1995 December 1995
E S. George School
Growing up in Ypsilanti
Historical Advertisements
Santa Claus
1996 (Back to top)  
March 1996 August 1996
B.M. Cutcheon
Visitor from Greece: Professor Margaronis
An Automobile Driver
1997 (Back to top)  
March 1997 June 1997
The Hillcrest
The Beginning...
Queen Anne Soap
The 17th Michigan Infantry Regiment
Demetrius Ypsilanti: Our City's Namesake (Part I)
September 1997 November 1997
Ypsilantian 1895-1896
Football News
Demitrius Ypsilanti (Part II)
Quips from 1897
From the Records of the City's First Historian, 1897
Demetrius Ypsilanti (Part III)
1998 (Back to top)  
May 1998 August 1998
From the Past: Ypsilanti, 1898
Demetrius Ypsilanti (Part IV)
A Lively and Spirited Centennial
The Torch Murder Case
December 1998  
From the Ypsilanti Commercial
The Story of the Handy Store
The Purloined Presidential Blankets
1999 (Back to top)  
May 1999  
Hawkins House
Cherry Hill
"It Seems Like Yesterday"
Willow Run Recollections