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2000  (Back to top)  
August 2000  
Memories of the "Early Depot Town"Administration Committee Report
Bob and Otto's Amoco (Standard)
Begole School Skit
2001  (Back to top)  
Autumn 2001 May 2001
House at 220 North Huron Street
Beginnings of Ypsilanti Historical Museum (Part I)
Yesteryears: Historical Advertisements
The Flu
2002  (Back to top)  
April 2002 Summer 2002
Beginnings of the Ypsilanti Historical Museum (Part II)
Ypsilanti Thrift Shop
Brise Fans
Ypsilanti Spells Trouble in Many Ways
Wedding Dresses
Ordinances from the Past
Winter 2002  
Ypsilanti Historical Museum: New Officers for the Year
Memories of the Kitchen Stove
Recipes of Olde
Carrie A. Hardy Diary, December 1919
2003  (Back to top)  
Spring 2003 Summer 2003
Advertisement for Normal Book Store
Who Was Lewis S. White?
Blue Bird Tea Room
From the Archives: Record of Elections from 1827
Dred Scott Decision
Memories of a Lifelong Ypsilantian
Photographs of John King and John G. Lamb
Winter 2003  
From the Past: The Quirk Family
Bob Mayo–Memories of a Paper Carrier
Christmas Story
2004  (Back to top)  
Spring 2004 Summer 2004
History of Dentistry in Ypsilanti
Growing Up in Ypsilanti
Congressional Medal of Honor
Ypsilanti Dairy
The Remarkable McAndrews
Dutch Town
November 2004  
Beyer Memorial Hospital
Henry R. Scovill
A Christmas Story for Grandma
2005  (Back to top)  
Spring 2005 Summer 2005
History of the J. D. LaRue Insurance Agency
The Fullerton House at 111 East Forest
Name it What?
My Memories
Broken, Obsolete and Wildcat Banknotes
Michigan Firehouse Museum
Ypsilanti — It Just Had to Happen
The Glover House
Lloyd Olds — “An Ypsi Legend”
Interurban Days
Fall 2005 Winter 2005
One Hundred Eighty One Years of Methodism in Ypsilanti
The Willoughby Family
Lost Ypsilanti Speaks
Mary Ann and John Starkweather
Starkweather Memorial Chapel in Highland Cemetery
Finds — Fletcher White Archives
Lost Ypsilanti — The Starkweather Fountain
Lucy Osband
Preston Thomas Tucker
First Baptist Church of Ypsilanti
Phyllis Diller's Time in Ypsilanti
The Campbells — Jewels and Insurance
2006  (Back to top)  
Spring 2006 Summer 2006
The Norton Family — 142 Years in Ypsilanti
Lost Ypsilanti — The Malt House
Community Education at Eastern Michigan University
Patrick Roger (P.R.) Cleary
Ypsilanti Tot makes a “Friend” of His Hero
Interesting Facts about the Prohibition Era
Edd Dykman and “The Handy Store”
Ypsilanti, Basketball's Gateway to the West
A Love Story — Joe and Catherine Sesi
The Ypsilanti High School Girls Drum & Bugle Corps 1935–1978
Yankee Air Museum Celebrates 25 Years — 1981–2006
The 50's: Rec Sports Were Prime Time
Sidetrack Bar and Grill
Stark Funeral Service/Moore Memorial Chapel — 108 Years in Ypsilanti
Fall 2006 Winter 2006
Tubal Cain Owen and the Healing Waters of Ypsilanti
EMU Intern Agreement Implemented
The Roman Catholic Church Here Has Almost No History
Jacob Thumm — Indian Artifact Collector of Ypsilanti
Gleanings — Where Did That Name Come From?
Ypsilanti High School Boys Band and the Ypsilanti Community Band
Company Coins From the 1800's
The Perfect Underwear for Progressive People
Buried Water
“Telling Stories and Swapping Lies” with the Ypsilanti Morning Coffee Group
First Presbyterian Church of Ypsilanti — 1827–2006
Michigan Ladder Company
Barney and Friends — Profile
2006 Special Issue  
Yankee Air Museum Celebrates 25 Years  
2007  (Back to top)  
Spring 2007 Summer 2007
Charles Stewart Mott
Dolls in the Dow House
St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Ypsilanti — 1830–2007
Recollections of James Harland Fuller
Was That You, Minerva?
How Did the States Get Their Names?
Richard Streicher Murder
Museum Treasure
Ypsilanti Dairies
Emmanuel Lutheran Church
The Many Lives of the Ypsilanti Historical Museum
Scent of Minerva
History Changes Hands
WWII Veterans: Joe Butko
WWII Veterans: Owen Koch
WWII Veterans: Austin Norton
Ypsilanti Rocks and Rolls
Fall 2007 Winter 2007
Mellencamp's-The Center of My “Village”
The John N. Goodsman Family
Margaret Ryan Butman, In Her Family's Words
The YHS Archives-You Will Never Know What You Will Find!
World War II Veteran Series
Jack's Marvels of Extraordinary Oddities around the Museum
Dick Ouellette…An Ypsilanti Basketball Icon!
Home & The Handy Store-The Village Core
We Remember Our Neighborhood Stores
Dad Shot Down Lindbergh, Phyllis and Fang Diller are…
Jack Looks at the “Time Pieces” in the Museum
Minerva Visitations!
Veteran Series: Charles "Chuck" Brown & Charles Kettles
General Grant in Ypsilanti
Newton Tombstone Returned to Canton
2008  (Back to top)  
Spring 2008 Summer 2008
Brooks Food Center: An Ypsilanti Institution
Washtenaw Community College-In the Beginning
History of the Doctoral Degree at Eastern Michigan University
The “New” Old West Side
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Comes to Ypsilanti
Highland Cemetery-The Beginning
The City of Ypsilanti Tugboat
How Times Have Changed!
Wayside Signs & the Historical Museum
Highland Cemetery – The Gates
The Ypsilanti Water Tower
Cruising Down River Street
“Let’s Play Two!” Patrick Dignan’s Twenty Years as Ypsi’s Baseball Coach
An Ypsi Kid was the Catalyst for the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
The Daniel Quirk Jr. House and Gardens
Base Lake, Uncle Spen and “The City of Ypsilanti” Tugboat
“What Me Worry” or “How I Was Found in the YHS Archives”
Gabriel Godfrey Wasn’t the First
Fall 2008 Winter 2008
The Schmidt Family Antique Business
Is Elijah the “Real McCoy”?
Anhuts – Father and Son
“The Real McCoy” Origin Owned by Ypsilanti (and others)
Shoe Store Buddies Thrived on Success
Peninsular Dam and Power Plant
Attempted Murder, Suicide and Rabies
The Huron Hotel:
Vajen-Baker Smoke Protector Loaned to Firehouse Museum
John Burton, One of the First African American Mayors in Michigan
Gone but Not Forgotten
The Ypsilanti Community Band – The First 30 Seasons
Historic Buffalo Street Property Awaits New Inhabitants
The Circus Train
2009  (Back to top)  
Spring 2009 Summer 2009
The Gilbert Mansion
Diploma Received Sixty-One Years Late
A Horse Named "Ypsilanti"
Former Neighbors Discovered Hiding Out in Apartments
They Called Him "Yip"
1909: A Look Back in Time
Charles McKenny Union: An EMU Icon
Nothing Less Than a Miracle
Gone but Not Forgotten: Ypsilanti Area Dairies
R. S. Gerganoff: An Architect for the 20th Century
Our Gal Rosie!
The Cannon Caper in Prospect Park
YHS Goes Online
Wolverine Grill
Radio in Ypsilanti
The Chick Inn Drive-In
Our First Bicentennial
The Pioneer Life of Roccena Norris
Ghost Hunting in the Museum
Ypsilanti’s Checkered Past
Fall 2009 Winter 2009
The Sidetrack Bar and Grill
From Ironwood to Ypsilanti
“Cash for Clunkers” in the 1930s!
Ypsilanti History – It’s a Test!
Early Ypsilanti Manufacturing
“Uncle Louie” Golczynski
First “Governor” Not Well Received Here!
Bridge Under Water
Ypsilanti's Yonder
Pettibone Cemetery
The Sidetrack – A History
The Roosevelt HS Class of 1959
The Thompson Block – Then and Now!
Ypsilanti Christmas in the 1950s
Austin George: Ypsilanti’s “Normal” Guy
The Orange Lantern
I Say Nauplion, You Say Ναúπλιον
Childs Cemetery – A Peaceful Resting Place
A Man Lives as Long As He is Remembered: The headstone of Private Barlow Simonds
Louis Golczynski – The Rest of the Story
Death at the Depot
Hugh Davidson Muses about His Relative, Thomas Edison
Pumping Station