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2010  (Back to top)  
Spring 2010 Summer 2010
Eph Thompson – Elephant Trainer
Harvey C. Colburn
The Swift House
The 1944 Christmas Eve Air Plane Crash
Ward G. Swarts (1906-1979)
The Famous Ypsilanti Fence Trial
Rest at Ease Mr. Opem
When Lions Stalked the Streets of Ypsilanti
They Called Him “Yip”
Enlightened Ypsilanti
Fatal Accident Followed by Tragedies
Music at the Museum
A Tribute to the Unknown Dead
Laura Bien and “Tales from the Ypsilanti Archives”
On the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak-Creek
126 North Huron Street
The Chautauqua Movement – More of the Story
Cemeteries, Kaiser-Frazers, a Japanese Opera and More
Polio, Iron Lungs, Cereal and K-Rations – The Life of Lamar Kishlar
An Old Girl Comes Home
The First of August Celebrations
The Florence Babbitt Collection
From the President’s Desk…
Museum Board Report…
Scraps of History… Answers found HERE
Fletcher White Archives…
Fall 2010 Winter 2010
"Lost Restaurants” of Ypsilanti
Dining in the Museum
Reed Organ Donated to the Museum
Marilyn Begole Chose Love
River Street Neighbor’s Gossip and the Hutchinson Marriage
Back to the Future
Book Review: Wicked Washtenaw County
Portrait in the Library
YHS Archives Postcard Collection
Finding the Home of Benjamin Schofield
Plenty of Elbow Room
The Ypsilanti Phantom Prowler
Lamar Kishlar: Blondes Beware
Ida Bourgdoff Goes Missing
From the President’s Desk…
Museum Board Report…
An Odoriferous Education
Early Settlers of Augusta and Superior Townships
Zwergel’s on West Cross Street
Scraps of History from the Scrap Heap with answers HERE
The Farmer and the Poet
Ralph Garfield Ridenour
When Women Won the Vote
Local Education and History Collaborate
The Visit to Ypsilanti by George Francis Train
Family Photo Pageant
Among the Rocky Mountains in Colorado
Strange Story of a Nine Year Old
Winter on the Banks of Sneak-a-Leak Creek
And We Still Live!
From the President’s Desk…
Museum Board Report…
2011  (Back to top)  
Spring 2011 Summer 2011
Education Night at the Archives
Lost Businesses of Ypsilanti
Voice of America Visits Ypsilanti
George H. Jackson
Demetrius! Where are You?
An Automobile Trip – 1915 Style
For the Sake of Progress
Charles Stewart Mott Stained Glass Portrait
Ypsilanti History – It’s a Test!
City Council Budget Battles of the 1920s
Two Killed by Interurban
The Humble Hobby Shop
The Bomber Restaurant
Ypsilanti Patents
From the President’s Desk…
Museum Board Report…
Civil War -Comrades in Arms
Local Historic Districts
Ypsilanti Train Flower Girls
General on Display
Whooping Cough Prerequisite for Party
Sarah Santure Went Missing
Sister Mary Theodosia (Mug)--Touched by a Miracle
Community Groups Focused on History
George Hammond and Simmocolon Stock Farm
Ypsilanti History-It's a Test! and answers
A Picnic in the Park: A Snapshot of Ypsilanti Family Life in the 1950s
From the President's Desk
Museum Advisory Board Report
News from the Fletcher-White Archives
Fall 2011 Winter 2011
"Keep Smiling" Brown
The Friendly Feud--"Ypsi and Annie" in 1891 Poetry
Ypsilanti History--It's a Test! and answers HERE
Family Bible Collection
Civil War Blood Vials
The Ypsilantis: Constantine, Alexander, and Demetrius
Cemetaries Found at EMU
Ypsilanti History in Photographs: An Update on the Digital Photo Archive Project
Abortion for Wicked Purposes
Ypsilanti Songs
Peck Street: A Story of Broken Dreams
Brayton Mausoleum was First in the County
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Fletcher-White Archives
Claude Wilbanks: Tennis Coaching Legend
1929 Train Wreck
Joe Thompson's "Early Depot Town"
Ypsilanti's WWI Hero
Ypsilanti History - It's a Test!
How Clark's Lake Sank
Unique Grave Markers
Search for W. H. Worden
The Second Wife
Archives Film Production
We're ready for our close-up, Mr. DeMille
Tax Credits for Old Cars?
Panorama Views
2012  (Back to top)  
Spring 2012 Summer 2012
World War II, 11 May 1945: Austin Norton Remembers It Well
It's A Test: Timeless Apothegems
5th Anniversary Moving Pictures
Water Street Auto Dealers
Ypsi's Role in War of 1812
Archie Foster, Class of '88
Settler's Family Still a Presence
Frederic H. Pease, a Man For All Seasons
An Invitation to Contribute to Gleanings
The Twin Towers House
Before the Grove
Bob Arvin - An Ypsilanti Hero
The Days Before Godfroy
Ypsilanti Parades
Walter B. Hewitt: A Success Story Worthy of Dickens
It's a Test
A Cow For All Ages
Warren Lewis and his Auction Sales Pavilion
House Tour Guide
Ypsilanti's "Hardware Man"
Discovering Adan Freeman - Family Patriarch
Chautauqua's Coming
Fall 2012 Winter 2012
Samuel Post: Ypsilanti's "Squeaky Clean" Politician
Quilt Exhibit
The Contagious Hospital
Nickelodeon Controversy
Craig Porter - Freestyle Champion
Competitive Swimming, Then & Now
Roberts' Corner
Gerganoff (continued)
Sanscrainte Was Here!
Bridge Built in 120 Hours
Ypsilanti's Natural Crowning Jewel: The Camperdown Elm
Climbing Camperdown
Civil War Marker
Peter B. Fletcher
The Union Schools
School QUIZ
Freddie Finds the Future
I Might Have Played in the NBA!
Beekeeping History
The "Buzz" on Bees
The Tunnels - Again
French Connection
King of Hamburgers
The Norton Solarium
2013  (Back to top)  
Spring 2013 Summer 2013
There's always been heavy traffic on downtown's Michigan Avenue
Cruisin' Ypsilanti
MCRR find in the Archives
How did it get there? B-24 bomber monument
Model T Ford ad
Community Choir presents "Liberator" concert
A Sanscrainte Timeline
Sanscrainte III
Donald H. Porter
Historic surnames
Hebe Fountain found
Are you smarter than an 8th grader?
Horse thieves
The Gilbert family
The Skeletons of Bell Street
Farm gate controversy
Where do you think you are?
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
The Gilbert Family - Part II
Gilbert House Boys Club
Named for President Lincoln
Ypsilanti History in Detroit Historical Museum
A Sleeping Lamb for Winnifred
The Saga of the EMU Hurons
The Washtenaw County Clash of 1930
Tom Dodd - Community Leader and Activist
The Green Book
Ypsilanti - Named by Woodward
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Fall 2013 Winter 2013
The Dynamics
Ypsilanti History on the Internet
Ypsilanti's Dutch Town
An Ypsilanti Childhood
First Prize to Ypsilanti's Neptune No. 1
Ypsilanti's Own "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
An Artist at the Bomber Plant
The Search for Anastacio Cardenas
First Free Church of Michigan
Case of the Lost Handbag
Wanderer Arrested
Just Suppose
Whiskey was the Antidote
From the President's Desk
Fletcher White Archives Report
Museum Board Report
Ypsilanti Players From 1915 -1957
Lovely Model "Shot" in City Park
Walter Owen Briggs
Ypsilanti Children Share Many Connections with Walter Briggs
The Ladies Buy a House – A Centennial Celebration
The G.A.R. Hall
“Cub” Berdan
The Saga of the Men Behind “Ralphie” Parker’s Coveted Red Rider
Quiz Questions
Mark Jefferson – Glass Plate Negative and Other Wonderful Things
War of the Clothesline
Balloon Ascension
The Vietnam War Memorial
Quiz Answers
From the President's Desk
Fletcher White Archives Report
Museum Board Report
2014  (Back to top)  
Spring 2014 Summer 2014
The Parents of Depot Town - Mark & Roccena Vail Norris
Early Physical Education in Ypsilanti Public Schools
A Great Lady is Gone
Saturdays at Vic and Mac's
Legend of the Smeet Frog
John Challis - The Musical Maverick Who Revolutionized the Harpischord
The Mansion House - A Lost Landmark
Early Soapmaking
The Soldiers' Monument at Highland Cemetery
Chicago Road Marker
Case of the Missing Ring
Students Saved From Jail
From the President's Desk
Fletcher White Archives Report
Museum Board Report
The Damoose Family in Ypsilanti
The River Street Saga Continues: Benjamin and Elvira Norris Follett
Norval Hawkins: The Greatest Salesman in the World
The History of the Peck Street Primary
Ypsilanti in the 1940s
Paul E. Hubbell - Professor, Pacifist, Poet
Gertrude Bennett Went Missing
Artist Lays Down His Brush
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Fall 2014 Winter 2014
Terror in the Streets
A View From Olive Street
The River Street Saga Continues: The Story of Edwin and Alice Follett Uhl
The Other "Real McCoy"
Volunteers Receive Service Awards
Finds - The YHS Archives
An Ypsilanti Landmark Centennial
Controversy on the Michigan State Normal Campus
Professor Phelps and the Teaching of Sex Hygiene
Chautauqua at the Riverside
Snapshots of Ypsilanti
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Ypsilanti's Mineral Water Sanitariums
The 1893 Cyclone - A Terrible Night of Desolation in Ypsilanti
Leonard Menzi's Lost Negatives
Huron Valley Road Runners
The River Street Saga Continues: "The Dolls are Home Again!"
Life Begins at Forty - The Story of Walter B. Pitkin
Detroit's 250th Year Anniversary in 1951
The Grant Monument
A Tribute to Those Who Served
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
2015  (Back to top)  
Spring 2015 Summer 2015
The Force Behind the Yankee Air Museum
Memphis Belle vs. Hot Stuff: How History Came to Celebrate the Wrong WWII Airplane
The Towner House: A Diamond in the Rough
A Tale of Two River Street Men: Justus and Lyman Decatur Norris
The Ypsilanti Nomads
Ypsilanti History Quiz and answers HERE
History of Adult Education in Michigan
The Lay House
Waiting Room to the City of the Dead: The Receiving Vault at Highland Cemetery
Summit Street Cemetery
Dealership/Salesman Quiz and answers HERE
The King and Meyer Saloon Controversy
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Michigan Ladder - An Ypsilanti Success Story
The Big Beat "Keeps You Rockin"
Pease Auditorium Turns 100 Magnificent Years
Ypsilanti Vigilance Committee - 1838
Monument for Mortimer Rosecrants
The Ypsilanti Centennial Celebration: Stagecoach Special
George Payne and the Assault on Officer Rehill
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Fletcher White Archives Report
Fall 2015 Winter 2015
In Search of the Real Rosie the Riveter
The Mushroom Traffic Signals
The George Families of River Street
Finding George Family Tombstones in the Anschuetz Family Backyard
One Tower House
Big Sister is Watching
Holy Trinity and the Anniversary That Will Not Be
Return of Education Movie Night
The Way We Word
Incident at the Archives
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
My Dad, John Nick Pappas, Sculptor
Marjorie Walters - One of the Original "Rosie the Riveters"
The History of Frog Island Park - The Island That is Not an Island
Childhood Memories of Frog Island from the 1970's
The Final Resting Place of the Nordmeer's Anchor
The Article I Never Wanted to Write
Primitive Open Hearth Trammel
Terhune Pioneer Memorial Park - Current Site of Pioneer Cemetery
An Ypsilantis in Ypsilanti
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
2016  (Back to top)  
Spring 2016 Summer 2016
100 Years of High School Basketball Tournaments - 1916-2006
Council approves Eagle Statue
Providing for the Family During the Great Depression
A Travel Through Time: Riverside Park
April Movie Nights
George Ridenour - An Appreciation
Summer and Winter Fun at Riverside Park
Sweet Memories
Senator Alma Wheeler Smith
Johnson Smith Catalogs
The Map Hoax
Ypsilanti's Forgotten Hero
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
A History of the Cleary Family in Ypsilanti
The Surprise Treasure Box
Joe Butcko
World War II: An Interview with Virginia Davis-Brown
The Butcher Boy of Ypsilanti
Meredith Bixby - An Entrepreneurial Puppeteer
Famous Ypsilanti Sports Figures
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report
Fall 2016 Winter 2016
A Visit to the Ypsilanti Historical Society
A Memoir of Robert "Bob" Schrepper and His War Horse
The Cornwell House
The Minzeys Move to Ypsilanti
Non-Mystery of the Ypsilanti Glider Port
The Ypsi Alehouse Opens in the Historic Centennial Center Building
Debate Over Liquor Licenses
Helen, The Little Polish Wanderer
From The President's Desk
Museum Board Report
My Time With John Porter
The Story of Water Works Park
A History of Helen Clarke (Jenks) Cleary
The First National Bank Building
The Coney Island Hot Dog
Growing up on the Great Lakes
Terror in Ypsilanti
Notes from the Normal
From the President's Desk
Museum Board Report