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Fifth Avenue Press

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A locally focused and publicly owned publishing imprint.

In order to support the local writing community and promote the production of original content, the library is looking for completed manuscripts for publication through our press. Rather than provide an advance, the library will invest in the production of the finished work in exchange for permanent digital distribution to AADL cardholders via the library's website. The AADL Productions team will review submissions to determine which projects move forward. The library is looking to publish fiction, and non-fiction for children, teens or adults. All genres, audiences, and formats are considered. We want to support the work of local authors writing on any topic as well as record the culture and history of the Ann Arbor area by publishing manuscripts with a local focus.

The library will provide:

- Editing, proofreading, formatting/layout, format conversion, indexing, fact checking, design, cover art, and other needed assistance determined by the type of manuscript to get the book ready for publication.

- A finished, polished manuscript formatted for ebook publishing and on-demand print publishing as an option at the author's expense.

- A launch/book release event for the author when the book is published. The author may sell their book at the event and do a signing.

- Resources and advice for marketing and promoting the book once it's published. The author will retain the copyright and any profit for their work. The library is not involved in distribution beyond purchasing printed hard-copies from the author to be added to the library's collection. Decisions about distribution and platform(s) used will remain with the author. For further details, please see our FAQ

If you have a completed manuscript, just log in or create an account, and use the official submission form here.

We take submissions on a continuous basis and will publish the same way.  Have a question? Send us a message at

In 2018 Fifth Avenue Press published five books:

Paint the Night by Tracy Gallup

We Thought We Knew You by Linda Jeffries

Akeina the Crocodile by Brad and Kristin Northrop

Snail, I Love You by Tevah Platt, Willa Thiel and Becky Grover

Setting the Record Straight by V.W. Shurtliff. 


In 2017 Fifth Avenue Press published eight books:

The Book of Ann Arbor: an Extremely Serious History Book by Rich Retyi

Takedown by Jeff Kass 

Michigan Moon by Meg Gower 

A Monster on Main Street by Emily Siwek 

Light From the Cage: 25 Years in a Prison Classroom by Judy Wenzel 

Tales From the Dork Side by R.J. Fox

Ginger Stands Her Ground by Virginia Ford

Technical Solace: Poems by Rebeca Biber

Plus the comic Chad Agamemnon: a New Home in Ann Arbor by Carolyn Nowak.