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Dali/Dalai: Poems

Solomon, Richard Book Download - 2022 Community Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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Using surreal, monolithic poems about nine Salvador Dali paintings as guide-posts, this collection of poetry moves from the dream world through progressive inquire to the spiritual. From the material world to the immaterial world, from association to dissociation, from personal to impersonal, Dali/Dalai is at turns funny and heartbreaking. These poems present a wholly unique reading experience. From the specific - anguish over sick children in a hospital ward, the beauty of an enduring love story, the grief for a friend's dead son, the holiness of an unexpected Seder - to the general - the aftermath of war, the mysticism of nature, the delicacy of the threads that connect all os us - the poems come out of spiritual experiences that convince the reader that the divine is uniquely available to humans. Ultimately, this collection presents a deep feeling of compassion for the world.


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Fifth Avenue Press

Year Published: 2022
Format: Book Download