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New Feature: Freezable Requests!

Thanks for all your patience throughout this week as we got the last data out of the old system! Requests have now been loaded and enabled, and we're thrilled to introduce a long-awaited feature, entirely appropriate for the weather we've been having: FREEZABLE REQUESTS!

Animated bubble freezing

What is a Frozen Request?

When you freeze a request, you'll keep moving up the line, but a copy will not be put on the holdshelf for you until you unfreeze the request. That means you can avoid too many things coming in at once, or freeze all your requests when you go on vacation!

When can Requests be Frozen?

You can freeze and unfreeze any of your requests at any time, except for requests which are in transit, or ready for pickup on the hold shelf. Once your request has hit the hold shelf, it's too late to freeze it.

How do I Freeze my Requests?

On your my account page, you can freeze or unfreeze any or all of your requests using the modify button. You'll see a spinner while your command goes through, and then the status will change to Frozen or Unfrozen.

How do I know what place in line I am when a request is Frozen?

For now, you can't see what place in line you are when a request is frozen. You can unfreeze and reload to check if you want to know. We'll be working on this as we see how patrons are using this feature!

I was #15 of 18 requests, but now it's ready for pickup, what happened?

What happened was that requests 1-14 were all frozen, so you were next! We expect this sort of thing may happen a lot for popular items with lots of outstanding frozen requests. We'll be working on ways to display this better and give you a better idea how close you are to the top of the queue once we have more data on how this is used by our patrons.

Just Contact Us if you have any questions about this new feature or run into any trouble! It's a whole new way to use your library, and we're excited to see how you make use of it!

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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the all-new! We're still working on a lot of features and cleaning up webpages, but the new site is here at last!  Here are a few updates on where we're at, and what's to come this week and beyond.

Requests have been loaded, with NEW FEATURES!

With the new website, you can FREEZE or UNFREEZE your requests whenever you'd like, so long as they haven't yet hit the hold shelf.  When a request is Frozen, you'll keep moving up the line, but the item won't be hit the hold shelf for you until you Unfreeze that request.  Perfect for when too much stuff is coming in at once, or for when you go on vacation!  We're getting ready to start filling requests early this week, so stay tuned for that!

Call or Text Your Library, just one number!

You can always call us at (734) 327-4200, but now you can text us at that number too with your questions!  You'll get a response from library staff via text to your question, usually in just a few minutes!

New Bookable Rooms!

If you've used the Meeting Rooms at Westgate Branch, you know they're a hot commodity! So we've made two meeting rooms on the second floor of the downtown library bookable just like the Westgate Rooms.  The Whiffletree Room and the Lamplighter Room can now be booked online for up to 2 hours, a minimum of one day in advance. You can book each of these rooms 12 times in a 365-day period with your library card.  Get started booking these rooms right now!

Introducing AAMPS!

We've slowly been growing our collection of local digital music for download, and now we're thrilled to launch a single place to find it: AAMPS, the Ann Arbor Music & Performance Server! With great music you can download right now, and much more to come in coming months, we hope you'll find something great to listen to everyday.

A New Year's Surprise!

As part of the new system, we've waived any outstanding late fees on your account for items you've returned.  If you have overdue items that have been billed, those bills will be regenerated soon, unless, of course, you bring the stuff back first!

Many More Features to Come!

After the dust settles, there are a lot of great new features coming on Notifications by text, custom alerts and reminders, series holds and much more... once we get over this big leap we've just taken, we'll start making more useful features to save you time and effort every time you use the website.


Thanks for checking it out, and Thanks for Using your Library!

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Holiday Hours

All locations of the Ann Arbor District Library will be closed on Sunday and Monday, December 24 & 25. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, December 26.

All locations will also be closed on Saturday & Sunday December 30 & 31 and on Monday, January 1. Regular hours will resume on Tuesday, January 2.

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Washtenaw County MSU Extension Winter Courses


The schedule for [|Washtenaw County Michigan State Extension] fall courses has been released! Hot topics include [|parenting] on your own, [|money management], and [|home ownership] education. See the flyers attached to this blog for more information on course schedules. Further information and publications are available at the Washtenaw County MSU Extension office or by calling 734-997-1678.

MSU Extension provides information and education that helps people identify problems and find solutions to improve their homes, families, farms, businesses or communities. MSU Extension's goal is to provide practical, timely, research-based information and educational programs to help residents meet local needs. Extension programs are guided by experienced faculty and staff members across Michigan.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi!


Alright folks! We are officially one week away from the biggest film release this year: [|Star Wars: The Last Jedi]! To help you prepare for this monumental event, we've pulled together a list of just some of the hundreds of awesome Star Wars items in our collection.

To start with, we have all of the previous movies on DVD: [b:1468991|the original trilogy] (consisting of A New Hope, The Empire Strike Back and Return of the Jedi), [b:1489278|the prequel trilogy] (consisting of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith), [b:1491313|The Force Awakens], and [b:1509422|Rogue One]. All of these movies are also available on Blu-Ray.

Kids have lots of movie options as well. First on the list is the [b:1503519|Clone Wars television series] and the [b:1471601|Clone Wars Lost Missions], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1324346|The Clone Wars]. We also have multiple seasons of the television series [b:1481682|Star Wars Rebels], as well as the stand-alone movie [b:1463334|Rebels: Spark of Rebellion]. The LEGO Star Wars movies are also popular, consisting of [b:1426780|The Empire Strikes Out], the [b:1480189|New Yoda Chronicles], [b:1417145|Padawan Menace], and [b:1489193|Droid Tales]. LEGO Star Wars has a television series as well, called [b:1503952|The Freemaker Adventures].

We have many of the soundtracks from the Star Wars films and television shows, including those for [b:1119927|A New Hope], [b:1120616|The Empire Strikes Back], [b:1217540|Return of the Jedi], [b:1156644|The Phantom Menace], [b:1193688|Attack of the Clones], [b:1253620|Revenge of the Sith], [b:1487570|The Force Awakens], [b:1504338|Rogue One], and [b:1320493|The Clone Wars]. A soundtrack of the original trilogy is available [b:1310936|here], and a CD of instrumental solos is available [b:1381035|here].

We have tons of kids books about Star Wars. For babies, we have board books such as [b:1476236| Epic Yarns: A New Hope] and [b:1487088|Return of the Jedi]. Picture books include [b:1515494|BB-8 on the Run] and [b:1487040|Han and Chewie Return!]. For children just learning to read, we have Readers such as [b:1440877|Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers?], [b:1489356|Death Star Battle], [b:1386989|R2-D2 and Friends], and [b:1422450|Jedi Heroes]. Chapter books for kids include [b:1456181|Darth Maul: Shadow Conspiracy], [b:1459555|Rise of the Rebels], and [b:1486456|Before the Awakening]. Star Wars comic books are very popular, and include [b:1493337|The Original Trilogy], [b:1360794|Crash Course], [b:1462247|Jedi Academy], and [b:1382779|Star Wars Adventures]. Nonfiction reads include [b:1502201|The Amazing Book of Star Wars], [b:1487717|5 Minute Star Wars Stories], [b:1485617|Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know], [b:1471736|Ultimate Star Wars], [b:1402083|The Star Wars Craft Book], and [b:1486436|Incredible Cross-Sections]. We even have Star Wars books for kids in languages other than English, such as the Spanish language book [b:1328200|La Guerra de los Clones Aventuras].

For a full list of Star Wars children's books, see these public lists: [:user/lists/74958|Star Wars Readers], [:user/lists/74960|Star Wars Chapter Books], [:user/lists/74961|Star Wars Graphic Novels for Kids], [:user/lists/74962|Star Wars Nonfiction for Kids], and [:user/lists/74963|Star Wars Kids Books in World Languages].

Teens have plenty to choose from too. Most take the form of graphic novels, including [b:1365314|The Clone Wars series], [b:1356266|Knights of the Old Republic], [b:1293345|Empire],[b:1408285|Invasion], [b:1489157|Kanan], and [b:1295884|Legacy], although there are novels like [b:1501283|Ahsoka] and [b:1514663|Rebel Rising] as well. For a full list, see the public list [:user/lists/74964|Star Wars Books for Teens].

The adult collection is where you'll find many of the extended universe novels, both new and old. These include novels such as [b:1492133|Bloodline], [b:1475355|Dark Disciple], [b:1230721|Jedi Trial], [b:1465669|Honor Among Thieves], and the [b:1264847|Legacy of the Force series]. The adult collections are where you're likely to find film adaptations, such as [b:1154048|The Phantom Menace] and [b:1503508|Rogue One: A Star Wars Story]. There are a ton of adult graphic novels, such as [b:1448919| From the Ruins of Alderaan] and [b:1504304|Heroes for a New Hope]. Adults also have interesting Star Wars nonfiction to choose from, in books such as [b:1476134|Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogy], [b:1259640|Where Science Meets Imagination], [b:1289026|The Making of Star Wars] and [b:1499387|Year by Year: A Visual History]. For a full list of adult Star Wars materials, see the public lists [:user/lists/74965|Star Wars Books for Adults] and [:user/lists/74966|Star Wars Nonfiction for Adults].

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Free Computer Labs

[|Washtenaw Literacy] will again be hosting free drop-in computer and literacy services this winter! From January 15-April 20, individuals over the age of 16 may access a number of free services: reading, writing, math, computers, English as a second language, GED, work skills and more. Drop in times are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10a-2p. View this flyer for more details.[img_assist|nid=370763|title=Free Computer Labs|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=84]

The lab is located inside the Powell Activity Center of Grace Church at 1301 S. Harris, Ypsilanti. For more information, call 734-337-3338.

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In celebration of this year's [t:First snow, magic snow] here are some books to get you into the snowy spirit that don't necessarily end with you singing along to the [t:Frozen : soundtrack]!

[t:Into the snow], [t:Snow! Snow! Snow!], [t:Splat the Cat : blow, snow, blow], [t:Skippyjon Jones. Snow what], and [t:Pete the Cat : snow daze] are cute books about kids and animals playing in the snow. In case you're looking for more of a classic story, here's a few more children's titles you might be interested in: [t:Clifford's first snow day] where Clifford the puppy, before he grow's up to be The Big Red Dog, encounters snow for the first time; take a trip with Mrs. Frizzle in [t:The Magic school bus lost in the snow]; and who can forget this wonderful classic of a kid enjoying snow in [t:The snowy day].

For Teens, we have [t:After the snow], a futuristic tale about a boy in search of his missing family during a new ice age. There is a retelling of the classic fairytale, [t:Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen], in [t:Winter's child]. Finally, in [t:Snow-walker], we see a group rebelling against an evil ruler trying to control their land.

We even have a couple of cozy books for adults to, so you can warm up by the fires in the branches, or maybe with coffee or hot chocolate from Sweetwaters. First up, [t:Wagging through the snow], a cute mystery where some adorable dogs are discovered at an abandoned house, right next to a dead body! Next we have another mystery, [t:The Snow White Christmas cookie], this time involving a small town and a big cover-up. And finally, [t:Dashing through the snow], a funny love story about a couple who get caught up in some strange scenarios during the holiday season.

Hope you enjoy the snow, because they say there's more to come this weekend! Cozy up in the library, or your favorite chair, with some of these books to warm you up!

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The Empathy Exams


Leslie Jamison gets a job as a medical actor. She plays complex characters, women who are shy or embarrassed, or women who distrust doctors. Leslie assesses the medical students who interact with her. Do they wash their hands before the exam? Do the students ask important questions? Do they have empathy for their patients? The first essay of [a:Leslie Jamison]'s book, The [t:Empathy Exams], offers a view into a hidden world. How are doctors trained to empathize with patients? What does empathy mean to doctors? What does empathy mean to patients?

In her other essays, Jamison explores the idea of pain. How do people deal with chronic pain? Do people believe one another about their pain? How do doctors respond to pain? What kind of pain is "most important" or most recognized by society?

Jamison writes with tenderness and empathy about people in distress. The [t:Empathy Exams] is a beautiful portrait of agony in America that will keep you awake at night pondering the philosophy of pain.

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Margaret Atwood on the small screen


[a:Atwood, Margaret|Margaret Atwood’s] 1996 novel, [b:1114181|Alias Grace], discloses the inner musings of a true-to-life Irish immigrant, Grace Marks, who was accused with and locked up in a Canadian penitentiary for killing her employer and his housekeeper. Grace’s story is given to us mostly through the interviews she has with Dr. Simon Jordan, a psychiatrist who has arrived at the penitentiary to determine Grace’s guilt or innocence. From [a:Atwood, Margaret|Margaret Atwood’s] able hands, we receive intricately drawn out details of the drudgery of a servant’s day, peppered with profound and beautiful observations about nature, God, men, and women. Born to serve, first her father, than various other households, Grace continues to serve through her crime. Her accusers, her co-conspirators, her defender, her jury, and the journalists who tell her story are all male. The action in Grace’s story belongs to the men who want to convey it. In order to own her narrative, Grace must rely on creating misconceptions, fugues, hallucinations, and evasions.
There are two threads running through this story at all times. The actual answers Grace gives to Simon’s many questions are interwoven with the answers she richly imagines providing. For his own part, Simon envisions a Grace different from the one who sits before him. “Grace’s will is of the negative female variety - she can deny and reject much more easily than she can affirm or accept. Somewhere within herself - he’s seen it, if only for a moment, that conscious, even cunning look in the corner of her eye - she knows she’s concealing something from him. As she stitches away at her sewing, outwardly calm as a marble Madonna, she is all the while exerting her passive stubborn strength against him. A prison does not only lock its inmates inside, it keeps all others out. Her strongest prison is of her own construction.”
Simon is excited by the possibility of Grace being a murderess. Though he is there to support her innocence, he can’t remove his own fantasies from Grace’s tale and therefore is unable to ascertain whether Grace is guilty of the crimes she has been charged with or not. “Murderess, murderess, he whispers to himself. It has an allure, a scent almost. Hot house gardenias. Lurid, but almost furtive. He imagines himself breathing it as he draws Grace toward him…”
[b:1114181|Alias Grace] has recently been made into a mini-series on [|Netflix]. Showrunner [a:Polley, Sarah|Sarah Polley’s] outstanding adaptation sticks closely to Atwood’s story (Atwood was a producer and has a small role in it). If you have a chance to watch it, I highly recommend it. What you won’t get from either [a:Polley, Sarah|Polley] or [a:Atwood,Margaret|Atwood] are definitive answers as to the question of Grace’s guilt, but both work to convey the timeless struggle faced by women of how to have a voice.

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AADL Earns Five Star Rating for 10th Year in a Row

The Ann Arbor District Library has been named a five star library for the 10th year in a row in Library Journal’s annual rating of public libraries nationwide. The AADL is one of just 13 public libraries in the country to earn LJ's five star designation in each of the last 10 years.

Three other Michigan libraries received star ratings this year. Richland Community Library was named a Four Star library within its category, West Bloomfield Township Public Library received four stars, and Genesee District Library received three stars. Congratulations to our fellow Michigan libraries!

See the full list of libraries earning stars [|here].

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New from Celeste Ng: Little Fires Everywhere


By now you've probably heard that Celeste Ng, author of [:|Everything I Never Told You], has published her second novel, [:|Little Fires Everywhere]. Like Everything I Never Told You, Little Fires Everywhere is focused on family intricacies. However, while her first book centered upon one family, Ng's latest work explores how two families become intertwined. Set in Shaker Heights, Ohio (an idyllic community that got its start as an envisioned utopia by its creator) in the 1990s, the book masterfully weaves together several storylines full of moral ambiguities.

Single mother Mia and her daughter Pearl arrive in Shaker Heights in the summer, looking for a place to rent. Although most spaces are out of their price range, local landlady and prominent Shaker Heights resident Elena Richardson takes a liking to them and rents them the upper half of a duplex that she owns. Pearl quickly befriends the Richardson children, who are all about her age, and Mia, an artist, begins working as a housekeeper for the Richardsons to help make rent money. Readers know from the very beginning that this close relationship between landlords and tenants is a ticking time bomb; the book opens with the Richardsons' house in flames and Mia and Pearl leaving town in the dead of night. Still, we can't help but cheer for all of the characters in the book who--although all flawed in their own ways--are mostly kind-hearted. As the book goes on, Mrs. Richardson begins to dig into Mia and Pearl's past and all of the characters become involved in a local scandal--some intentionally and others by accident.

Little Fires Everywhere, like Everything I Never Told You, showcases Ng's ability to create amazingly nuanced characters that tell a story that is thought-provoking in part because of its shocking believability. I did feel that this story wasn't quite as gut-wrenching as her first, mostly because the number of players in Little Fires Everywhere makes it so that readers cannot really get to know and understand any single one. Without a doubt, however, if you liked Everything I Never Told You, Little Fires Everywhere is a must-read. And, if you're unfamiliar with Celeste Ng, now is the time to play catch up! I am already eagerly anticipating her third work.

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Lad: A Yorkshire Story


A truly lovely film, [|Lad: A Yorkshire Story], will make you fall in love with the Dales. Slow, sweeping views of the hills and valleys, provide a natural remedy for the turmoil of the story, and the world. The landscape is a strong presence throughout the film, and plays a role in soothing the souls of all the characters. That landscape is distinctly of Yorkshire, as the title suggests, but Lad is, ultimately, an archetypal tale, of relating to one's place and family of origin, of finding resolution and peace in your own backyard.

The film is notable for its simplicity. Very low-budget, using local settings and almost unknown actors, with no computer enhancements or special effects, the result is a triumph for the writer/director, Dan Hartley, and the cast, all Yorkshire born and bred.

Lad is a classic coming-of-age story, but with a fresh, original face, and such a sweet, unassuming style, that it never appears sentimentalized or maudlin. Young Tom’s world is falling apart and he is saved by love and friendship, which he finds in familiar and new places. Simple. But intricate and heartbreaking, fragile and surprising. Would that every troubled 13-year-old could find solace working outside under the guidance of a wise, seasoned park ranger. Would that we all could.

I almost stopped watching Lad after about ten minutes. It starts slow and deliberate, and I couldn’t tell where it was going, and there are no subtitles to help decipher the accents, and no one told me that it would turn into one of the sweetest, most satisfying stories ever. Now I am so glad I saw it.

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A Woman Is a Woman Until She Is a Mother


The end of pregnancy is a strange time. You wait for the biggest change that can happen to a person other than death and yet, for most, you don’t know when the change will happen. When will the baby be born? When will a woman become a mother? When I was pregnant with my son, I read the title essay of [b:1519570|A Woman Is a Woman Until She Is a Mother] by [a:Prushinskaya, Anna|Anna Prushinskaya] probably 15 times. It became almost a talisman to me, a promise that he would eventually be born, that I would be able to cross over to motherhood.

In [b:1519570|A Woman Is a Woman Until She Is a Mother], Prushinskaya writes beautifully about her experience balancing between places, between states: between pregnancy and motherhood, and between her Soviet homeland and her current home of Ann Arbor. Her essays range from parenthood to identifying local woody plants, and they are all gorgeous- sparse and lyrical.

I spoke with Prushinskaya about her experience writing the book, how motherhood has changed her as a writer, and the birth of her second son. Find our conversation [|on Pulp!]

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The Making of Jane Austen


At the time of Jane Austen’s death in 1817, no one but close family and friends knew that she was a published author. Fast forward to 1995: a wet-shirted Colin Firth, starring in the BBC’s Pride and Prejudice miniseries, seemingly launches Austen into pop culture superstardom and initiates an Austen craze that has continued ever since.

We are now used to Jane Austen cosplay conventions, spin-off novels, and countless Austen-themed tchotchkes. But it’s worth asking the question: How did Austen go from complete anonymity to a cultural institution?

The answer to that question, Devoney Looser argues, starts long before Colin Firth. And, she continues, it often has less to do with Jane Austen herself than with how Austen has been interpreted—and invented—by readers, illustrators, playwrights, screenwriters, actors, activists, and teachers.

In her new book, The Making of Jane Austen, Looser sets out uncover the little-known parts of Austen’s legacy in British and American culture. She focuses on five areas: how Austen has been illustrated, adapted for the stage, adapted for the screen, politicized, and taught in schools.

Looser turns away from literary histories of Austen and instead focuses on equally important but long-neglected appearances of Austen in popular culture. What makes her book so enjoyable is that she strolls down the byways of history, tracking down obscure figures like the young women (yes, women) who played Mr. Darcy in early stage adaptations of Pride and Prejudice or the author of the first Jane Austen dissertation, who was supposedly channeled by a spirit medium after his untimely death. (You can’t make this stuff up, folks!)

If The Making of Jane Austen piques your interest, be sure to mark your calendar for Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg’s talk, “Lights, Camera, Austen: the screen adaptations of Jane Austen” at Westgate Branch from 7-8:30pm on Wednesday, December 13th. And stay tuned for info about all our upcoming Jane Austen events this winter in partnership with the University of Michigan—Austen Trivia! Embroidery! English Country Dancing! Everything to satisfy the Austenian heart.

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PreK Bits - "P" is for PERFECT PLANs


Ms Rachel brought African tales to Storytime.
Following troubles ... Each tale ended with a PERFECT PLAN.
[b:1193664|HEAD, BODY, LEGS] is a tale from Liberia. Head makes a perfect plan that gets all the body parts working together.
[b:1080440|WOODY'S 20 Grow Big Songs] has a recorded version of the song/game “Pick It Up”. We dropped our noses (and other parts) by accident. How embarrassing !! But we put othings back together. Knowing how to fix things is a good plan too!
[b:1112532|LEOPARD’S DRUM] is an Asanti Tale from West Africa. Tiny Turtle was the one who made a PERFECT PLAN.

For more tales with PERFECT PLANS try these favorites;
[b:1350422|DOG And BEAR: Three To Get Ready] … three plans that make good friends.
[b:1354904|The SECRET PLAN] … for bedtime.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN!] … sometimes they work and sometimes you need to revise.
[b:1406819|OH NO GEORGE!] … sometimes it’s a poor plan.
[b:1052993|JETHRO And JOEL WERE A TROLL] … a Troll with two heads? Hoo boy! Who’s in charge? They need to make a better plan ….
[b:1504741|The CARPENTER] ... what do you do with a measuring tape? Make plans !!
[b:1429821|OLLIE And CLAIRE] ... hohum turns into fun when Claire makes a new plan.

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Out in the Open


Jesús Carrasco's debut novel Out in the Open, offers a fresh take on primal survival.

Carrasco's novel opens with an unnamed boy hiding in a hole. If the boy is found, the hole could become his grave. We follow the boy as he runs from malignant forces. At first, the reader is not sure who the boy is running from, or why.

The boy travels through a desolate and unforgiving expanse; he struggles to find food and water. Eventually the boy meets a goat herder who helps him. The characters develop a relationship, and a ray of hope sprouts from Carrasco's somber story. The connection between the goat herder and the boy is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the novel. However, it is memorizing to follow the characters on their daily struggle to survive; it certainly makes our lives seem effortless in comparison.

Jesús Carrasco is from Spain. Out in the Open was originally written in Spanish. Margaret Jull Costa translated the text into English. Carrasco's novel has now been published in more than twenty countries and has received many accolades. Out in the Open won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2016, as well as an English PEN award.

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Fabulous Fiction Firsts #660


Reviewers are calling [b:1518519|The Last Mrs. Parrish * * *] by [a:Constantine, Liv|Liv Constantine] (pen name of sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine) a "devilishly ingenious debut thriller." (Publishers Weekly)

Amber Patterson deserves more, definitely more than her impoverished upbringing, her dead-end jobs and the constant worry about money. She set her sights on Daphne and Jackson Parrish, a wealthy “golden couple” from Connecticut who is living the privileged life she wants.

Meticulously clever and ruthlessly manipulative, Amber moves to Bishops Harbor, and plots to insinuate herself into Daphne's life, and through her, to Jackson, the handsome, powerful real estate mogul. Before long, Amber is traveling to Europe with the Parrish family; and when she finds out Daphne’s failure to give Jackson a male heir is the main source of tension in the marriage, she knows what she needs to do to become the next Mrs. Parrish, that is as long as the skeleton in her closet does not lay waste to all that scheming.

Halfway through, the narrative is picked up by Daphne, and the readers will get a surprisingly different take on the story. Well, let's just say some women get everything and some women get everything they deserve.

"With a plot equally as twisty, spellbinding, and addictive as [a:Flynn, Gillian, 1971-|Gillian Flynn's] [b:1407981|Gone Girl] or [a:Hawkins, Paula.|Paula Hawkins's] [b:/1463701|The Girl on the Train], this is sure to be a hit with suspense fans."(Library Journal)

* * * = 3 starred reviews

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Cozy Winter Documentaries


Do you enjoy a good documentary?

Search no further!

Ken Burns has directed a number of outstanding documentaries that are perfect for the transition into these cold winter months.

These documentaries have multiple DVDs, so get ready to snuggle under a big blanket with some hot tea and enjoy!

[:|The Civil War]

[:|The National Parks: America's Best Idea]

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AADL Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving

All AADL locations will be closed on Thursday, November 23 for Thanksgiving.

Regular Library hours will resume on Friday, November 24.

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Brainfuse: Live Tutoring & Homework Help


Homework giving you a headache? You may want to log on to [|Brainfuse]. Their [|Live Homework Help] is available from 2:00 PM-11:00 PM everyday (except Federal Holidays) & the interactive [|Study Suite] is accessible anytime with your aadl account log in information. For more information about all the amazing facets of Brainfuse read these [|FAQs]. Using [|Brainfuse] can make learning fun for parents & kids! College students and adult learners can benefit from it, too! Give it a try!

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FAA Draft Environmental Assessment

Today, the Federal Aviation Administration is releasing and making available for public review and comment a Draft Environmental Assessment (Draft EA) for the Cleveland-Detroit Metroplex. The CLE-DTW Project would improve the efficiency of airspace in the Cleveland-Detroit Metroplex by optimizing aircraft arrival and departure procedures to and from the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) and Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) as well as outlying satellite airports. The Project may involve changes in aircraft flight paths and altitudes in certain areas, but would not result in any ground disturbance or increase the number of aircraft operations within the Cleveland-Detroit area.

To evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the CLE-DTW Metroplex project, the FAA has established a General Study Area, consisting of areas around CLE-DTW and outlying satellite airports. The General Study Area will be used to evaluate the potential environmental impacts resulting from changes in aircraft routing proposed to occur below 10,000 feet above ground level (AGL).

Documents and additional information related to this assessment can be viewed [|here.]

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From Costume Contest to Island Adventure


This new book by Peter Sís is another dreamy and beautiful childhood recollection, featuring a fantastical trip to the world of Robinson Crusoe. Sís recalls a touching story of dressing up like the shipwrecked hero, falling sick, and journeying to a deserted island. There, as depicted in page after page of Sís’s detailed illustrations and rich watercolors, young Peter lives a peaceful and quiet life with his animal friends. Did he imagine the whole thing or did he really journey there and discover a new land?

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Brainfuse: Live Tutoring & Homework Help


Homework giving you a headache? You may want to log on to [|Brainfuse]. Their [|Live Homework Help] is available from 2:00 PM-11:00 PM everyday (except Federal Holidays) & the interactive [|Study Suite] is accessible anytime with your aadl account log in information. For more information about all the amazing facets of Brainfuse read these [|FAQs]. Using [|Brainfuse] can make learning fun for parents & kids! College students and adult learners can benefit from it, too! Give it a try!

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PreK Bits - "Q" is for Quiet

This week Ms. Rachel presented stories that needed quiet.
[b:1456704|SLEEPYHEADS] ... where every quiet creature lays their sleepy head. Wait! One little sleepyhead is not in their bed!
Ms. Betsy played guitar and Ms. Rachel led the Quiet/Loud action song "Wake Up You Sleepy Heads".
You can hear the "Sleepy Heads" song on the recording [b:1192201|SING IT! SAY IT! STAMP IT! SWAY IT!] ... along with more favorite childhood songs!
[b:1308490|The SQUEAKY DOOR] had a Grandma putting her Grand-children to bed in the big double bed. It was time for quiet.

For more books that find "quiet" try the following favorites:
[b:1380329|QUIET BUNNY'S MANY COLORS] ... find them in the garden.
[b:1362723|The QUIET BOOK] ... very thoughtful, lovely prose, and beautiful gentle illustrations.
[b:1447204|SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN] ... who needs to be quiet?
[b:1428078|TIPTOE JOE] ... tiptoe to be quiet.
[b:1445465|HANK FINDS AN EGG] ... on a quiet walk in the woods. What shall he do?
[b:1442167|The FAMILY BEDTIME TREASURY: Tales For Sleepy Times and Sweet Dreams] ... a treasure trove in one book!
[b:1371980|BEDTIME FOR BEAR] ... with a "small but effervescent" overnight guest. Delightful storytelling and illustrations!
Find a cozy space.
Good Night!
Sleep Tight.

When you wake up the next day .... sing along with Joanie Bartels and [b:1263534|MORNING MAGIC] songs.

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Fabulous Fiction Firsts #659


[b:1516596|Seven Days of Us * *] by [a:Hornak, Francesca|Francesca Hornak], is a sharply observed and ultimately satisfying holiday story.

For the first time in years the entire Birch family will be spending Christmas together under one roof, no thanks to elder daughter, 32-year old Olivia, a disaster-relief physician who just spent 6 weeks in Liberia fighting an Ebola-like Haag epidemic. The family decides to ride out the one-week quarantine at Weyfield Hall, their dilapidated country estate.

Thrown together with little to occupy themselves, and cut off from the outside world (even their Wi-Fi is spotty at best), all their disagreements, resentments, and secrets, both old and new, come bubbling up.

Father Andrew, a restaurant critic secretly hates food, and longs for the glory days as a globe-trotting war correspondent. Mother Emma is trying to shield her family from the cancer diagnosis so they could enjoy their time together. Olivia's secret relationship with a fellow doctor could potentially be dire for the whole household. Younger, and unabashedly frivolous, Phoebe is fixated on her upcoming wedding while secretly having second thoughts about her fiance George. None of them are prepared for the charming stranger who turns up at the door - Andrew's son from a one-night stand while on assignment in the Middle East.

"Hornak writes with a sense of irony and an eye on today's social issues... Fans of contemporary English stories such as those by [a:Green, Jane, 1968-|Jane Green] or [a:Colgan, Jenny.|Jenny Colgan] will enjoy this novel about the shaky recovery of family bonds." (Library Journal)

* * = 2 starred reviews

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An unusual debut


In a literary world full of “5 under 35 lists” and authors publishing first novels in their 20s, [a:Weiss, Leah|Leah Weiss] is something of an anomaly. Her debut novel, [b:1515683|If The Creek Don’t Rise] was written after her retirement from a 24 year career as the executive assistant to the headmaster at [|Virginia Episcopal School]. In it she introduces us to the harsh and difficult life in a small town in Appalachia in the 1970s. This can be a dangerous place, a world of violence and cruelty, especially for women. [a:Weiss, Leah|Weiss] presents this community through a profuse range of voices, voices with their own dialect, particular to these mountain ranges.

The chapters in Weiss’ book, each narrated by a different individual, read like a collection of connected stories, offering a unique and varied glimpse of Baines Creek, a remote haven in an unspecified state. As a newcomer to Baines Creek, teacher Kate Shaw, one of Weiss’ strongest characters, describes it as “barely a crossroad, a dot on a map. It’s remote, embraced by natural beauty, and riddled with hardships,” with “poverty the likes of which I’ve never imagined except in the books of Dickens and Brontë sisters.”

The cast of players in this secluded town represents all facets of personality and morality, and an internal view of even the most vile characters unveils some vulnerability. We are able to see why Prudence Perkins, the reverend’s spiteful, spinster sister, is so mean spirited, and to learn from where intense cruelty is born in the heart of an abusive bully, Roy Tupkin.

If there is a main character in [b:1515683|If The Creek Don’t Rise], she is Sadie Blue, the wife of Roy. Her voice provides bookends, she starts the first and last chapters with the same sentence, within which she demonstrates one woman’s path to a better place in a town that so often resists change. Ultimately this is Sadie Blue’s story, provided to us by a chorus of voices from those who know her, but we get to experience so many other memorable folks from Baines Creek along the way.

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Thor: Ragnarok!


[|Thor: Ragnarok] arrives in theaters today, making now the perfect time to revisit your favorite Thor materials! The movie is already generating quite a buzz and has received rave reviews (with a 93% rating, it's currently Rotten Tomatoes' best reviewed comic book film ever!).

A great place to start are the previous Thor movies, including [b:1391048|Thor] and [b:1444349|Thor: The Dark World], as well as his appearances in [b:1413450|The Avengers] and [b:1480915|The Avengers: Age of Ultron]. For younger kids who aren't quite ready for the Marvel movies, Thor is featured in [b:1426761|The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes] (there are multiple volumes of this series, including [b:1426765|Vol. 5] and [b:1426766|Vol. 6]).

For adult readers, some of the original Thor comics are included in the anthology series [b:1384483|The Essential Thor Vol. 1], [b:1347731|Vol. 2], [b:1347732|Vol. 3] and [b:1347733|Vol. 4]. Many of these original stories also appear in [b:1384487|The Mighty Thor: Omnibus] collection. More recent additions to the Thor universe include [b:1453423|God of Thunder Vol. 1] ([b:1453424|Vol. 2] and [b:1453425|Vol. 3] are also available), [b:1386302|Lord of Asgard], [b:1384485|Bringers of the Storm], [b:1384488|Godstorm], and [b:1323510|Thor Vol. 1] ([b:1355645|Vol. 3] is also available). Currently, a woman has taken on the title of Thor in [b:1494462|The Mighty Thor: Thunder in her Veins].

There are awesome Thor graphic novels in the Teen section, including [b:1386303|Wolves of the North] and [b:1384530|The Lost Gods]. A mysterious female Thor has also taken the lead in [b: 1473236|The Goddess of Thunder] and [b:1493654|Who Holds the Hammer?].

Kids have a variety of Thor books to choose from as well. Younger children will like gentler Readers such as [b:1445055|The Trouble with Thor] and [b:1413713|These are the Avengers]. Older kids can enjoy comic books like [b:1402461|Thor: The Mighty Avenger Vol. 1] and [b:1402462|Vol. 2], and [b:1472815|Mini Marvels: The Complete Collection]. Books for kids about the Avengers include [b:1408492|The Avengers: The Ultimate Guide] and [b:1408491|The Avengers: The Movie Storybook]. We also have several comic books based on Norse mythology, such as [b:1511898|Thor and the Giants] and [b:1511885|Thor and Loki] (also available [b:1361665|in Spanish]).

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Medicaid Open Enrollment Assistance

The [ Agency on Aging 1-B Medicare Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP)][img_assist|nid=368862|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=99|height=47] is holding Medicare Assistance Events in Washtenaw County to help local Medicare Beneficiaries review their 2018 coverage options for Medicare Part D and/or Medicare Advantage Plans. Here are the upcoming session:

Monday, November 13, 2017
10am - 6pm
Washtenaw ISD
1819 S Wagner Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Thursday, December 7, 2017
10am - 6pm
Washtenaw ISD
1819 S Wagner Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

These events are free, but appointments are required. Interested individuals can call the MMAP program at 800-803-7174 to make an appointment.

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Voices of Homelessness: Stories from Those with Lived Experiences

November is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Month. In honor of that, on Friday, November 17th from 7-8 pm, the [|Washtenaw Housing Alliance] is sponsoring a storytelling event at [|The Common Cup in Ann Arbor.] Come listen to first-hand experiences of those that have faced homelessness in your community. The event is free,
you may email with any questions. Be sure to check out other WHA sponsored events this month. [img_assist|nid=368860|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=67]

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Brainfuse and SAT/ACT prep

Both the ACT and SAT take place the beginning of December, so now is a great time to get to studying! [|Brainfuse Helpnow] is a database patrons may access from any AADL branch, or from your home computer when logged into your AADL account.

All practice tests are located in SkillSurfer. Simply click SkillSurfer from the homepage then choose College Entrance Test Prep to find the preparation guides and practice tests. Patrons can enhance their practice test experience by connecting to live tutors from 3 - 11 p.m., 7 days a week! Tutors are able to see the test feedback and can help with understanding specific test questions and building[img_assist|nid=368858|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=63] skills in various topics.

Be sure to browse the catalog for [k:ACT] and [k:SAT] test prep books, and check in with [:node/366668|Circle K Homework Help] session as well!