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Malletts Creek Branch

3090 E. Eisenhower Parkway (east of Stone School Road) - Google Maps Ann Arbor, MI 48108 (734) 327-4200

Opened in January 2004, the Malletts Creek Branch replaced the Loving Branch and is a unique model of sustainable design featuring solar heating, natural day lighting, a vegetated green roof, convection cooling, naturally captured and filtered storm water, native plants and grasses, and many uses of materials that are renewable resources. The Malletts Creek Branch was awarded the 2005 American Institute of Architects Michigan (AIA Michigan) Award for Sustainable Design. The Malletts Creek Branch is a one-story building of approximately 14,000 square feet that serves as a community-based learning center that delivers superior customer service, primarily to the residents of the southeast quadrant of Ann Arbor. The building and the surrounding landscape capitalize on environmental principles, thereby allowing the overall project to operate more in harmony with the ecosystem and the community in which it serves. Read more about the Mallets Creek Branch or visit our image gallery to see photos and drawings of the building.


The Branch houses an updated collection, consisting of traditional materials, such as books, magazines, and DVDs. Electronic resources include 28 computer terminals, 18 of which are located in an Electronic Training classroom, and wireless internet access throughout the building. Along with the more traditional picture and chapter books, the Mallets Creek Youth and Young Adult section features a sizable collection of Teen graphic novels, youth magazines and a group of Youth computer stations.


While its primary mission is to deliver traditional library services, the Branch also serves as a true community center. This facility includes a quiet and comfortable reading area complete with fireplace that houses the branch's magazines and newspapers. Mallets Creek also features a vending area with seating for 20 people, a program room for groups of up to 80 people, three study and tutor rooms and a children's play area. For more information about how to rent the program room please visit the Room Rental Page.


Now your items can be ready for pickup whenever you are. Held items available for pickup at the Malletts Creek Branch can be placed in lockers for after hours pickup. If you have an item ready for pickup at Malletts Creek Branch, just contact us using the contactus form, or text us at 734-327-4200, or email us at to have your items checked out to you. Items will be placed in lockers outside of the building and will remain available for pickup there until the open of the library the next day.

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