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I Think You Should Come to America

Kuc, Kamila Movie Download - 2017 Community Rating: 0 out of 5

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In I Think You Should Come to America, the correspondence between two young and naïve penfriends serves as a vehicle to explore the dangers of seeing cultures different from our own as ‘other.’

Here a young Polish woman (Kuc), coming of age in the dying embers of Communist Poland, seeks escape in the re-imagined romance of the Native American life, through her correspondence with an incarcerated young Native American.

Using only his letters to her, Kuc presents her pen-friend’s own need to escape, voiced to a montage of poetic imagery, presenting multiple views of both Poland and America at pivotal points in their history.

What results is a nuanced and often contradictory picture that is left to the viewer to disassemble. In I Think You Should Come to America, cultural conditions in which memories are created are exposed through the medium of film, as the viewer is asked to question the politics of cinematic representation.

Honorable Mention Award "for the film's vision and its unique contribution to cinema," Los Angeles Underground Film Forum, Los Angeles, CA.

Nominated for Best Experimental Film, Short to the Point, Bucharest, Romania.

Format: 16mm and Super8 transferred to HD
Country: UK/USA/Poland
Duration: 21 mins
Direction: Kamila Kuc
Sound: Timothy Nelson
Editing and colour grading: George Otelea


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Cover image for I Think You Should Come to America

Year Published: 2017
Format: Movie Download