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Baseball: 5th Inning – Shadow Ball

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Although previous episodes of Ken Burns' Baseball series also deal with African-American contributions to the game, much of this program is devoted to the Negro Leagues and the vast number of talented black players barred from competing in the Majors. The film's title refers to a common pre-game feature in which players staged a mock game with an imaginary ball-an unintended yet apt metaphor for the discriminatory policies of the era. The impact of the Great Depression on the sport is also an important topic, while the names DiMaggio and Williams make their first appearances
Idea of Community (1:22)
Baseball (4:00)
Exhibition Games (2:02)
Fifth Inning: Shadow Ball (4:22)
Fifth Inning: Summertime Baseball (1:09)
Like We Invented the Game (5:18)
The National Tonic (3:36)
The National Tonic: Success and Sadness (2:40)
Midnight Rider (8:34)
Midnight Rider: Unknown Side of Satchel Paige (1:28)
You Lucky Bum (4:27)
You Lucky Bum: Roosevelt's Pledge (1:29)
Josh (3:16)
The Daffiness Boys (5:17)
Carrying the News (6:41)
Carrying the News: All Star Game (4:14)
The Gashouse Gang (8:13)
The Babe (5:19)
Plain Prejudice (4:27)
Bottom of the Fifth (2:49)
Goodbye, Baseball (3:10)
Heroes (7:55)
Rhubarb (4:59)
I Ain't Sorry (3:45)
I Ain't Sorry: Jewish Players (4:04)
For the Good of the Team (5:39)
The Best (6:06)
The Best: Satchel Versus Gibson (3:39)
Credits: Shadow Ball (2:49)


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Ken Burns' Baseball

Encoded with permission for digital streaming by Infobase on June 14, 2011
Year Published: 2011
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