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Me, The Other

Sugar Cube Productions Streaming Video - 2018 Community Rating: 4.3 out of 5

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Me, the “Other” is a documentary film about a diverse group of students living in Washtenaw County in Southeast Michigan. We set out to tell stories of prejudice, equality and diversity and discovered that ‘otherness’ is never one thing.

The film reveals inner and outer lives of twelve people living on the frontlines of prejudice by asking the questions we don’t discuss in classrooms, workplaces, and social places. The filmmakers set out to tell stories of a diverse cast of characters who are experiencing prejudice. While they are from various backgrounds, in that deep place inside, they are all essentially one… and we are one with them. The film exposes that sacred place inside where - beyond the clouded isms of race, religion, class, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical appearance - there lies a place of light, warmth, hope, and pure love called the human soul.

Director: Shidan Majidi
Producer: Shidan Majidi, Shahrzad Maghsoudloo Mirafzali
Publisher: Sugar Cube Productions
Run time: 93 min


Different but not alone submitted by hayesdf on May 10, 2020, 3:05pm Twelve very moving stories, well told, of what diversity means and the importance of acceptance and being accepted. It also highlights what can be achieved with support from people who love. The twelve who were willing to tell their life stories exhibit incredible bravery in willingness to share vulnerability.

Cover image for Me, The Other

Year Published: 2018
Format: Streaming Video

Ann Arbor
Local History
University of Michigan
Eastern Michigan University