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2008 . . .and the Winners are. . .Short Story Contest

Mon, 05/19/2008 - 4:20pm by Bertha

We salute all those 200 teen writers who turned in a story for the "It's All Write!" short story writing contest. It's takes courage and creativity; clearly you all have that. Congratulations!

1st Mari Cohen "Purple"
2nd Lydia L. Brown "Bittersweet"
3rd Caroline Elliott "Notes of Amadeus"

1st Regina Rose Kazanjian "Loways and Highways"
2nd Lindsay Fischer "Everything is Connected"
3rd Sussy Pan "Breaking the Birthday Curse"

1st Eva Colas "Searching"
2nd Lindsey Maxon "Networking"
3rd Josh Ballard "Premonitions of a Janitor"

Finalists in the three grade categories:
Middle School:
Christina Bartson "Blind"
Ann Huang "The Lake"
Susan Lamoreaux "A Pet Fern"
S.M. Lazarsfeld "Trading Queen"
Mindze E.C. Mbala-Nkanga "The Wardrobe"
Natalie Nagpal "The Draakan Trilogy: Vioris"
Sarah Starman "A Black and White Memory"
Eugene Zen "The Chocolate Covered Fiasco"
High School 9th/10th:
Yazen Alshunnar "The Wall"
Gabrielle Blakemore "Only as You Make Them"
Kate Brown "Traveling"
Stephanie Chueh "The Strange Disappearance of Alonzo Montgomery"
Carlina Duan "Steps"
Jakob Hildebrandt "St.Joe"
Katelyn Horning "Why Would it be Murder???"
Noah Kaczor "Churchill"
Sandra Periord "A Date with Disaster"
Hehui Quan "The Fortuitous Day of David Virens"
Stephanie Steele "Surfing Tournament"
High School 11th/12th:
Emily Brown "Boredom Can Be Dangerous"
Isabella Decker "Available May Through October"
Elinor Epperson "Cats With Bright Orange Homes"
Kerry Flannagan "Dr. Sherman and the Quahog"
Harper Jocque "We Who Stand and Speak of Culture"
Dmitri Kapousta "Self-Made Prophet"
Jen Pittman "Model"
Rebecca E. Punch "Chiaroscuro"
Noam Samuel "Day of Atonement"
Kaylie Schaufele "To The Next Step"
Matt Sherry "Your Friendly Neighborhood Extortionist"
Nathan Shumway "Fantasy and Fire"
Julia Tang "Under the Weather"
Raymond P. Viviano "The Contrast"


The 9 winning stories are put together in a booklet, given out to winners, and distributed to local schools. The booklets won't be ready for a couple weeks, but we're working on it. Most of the winning stories will also be available from a link on the library's website, so stay tuned. There are booklets from previous years' contests available now, "It's All Write Contest"

The booklets came today! Happiness. Congratulations, fellow finalists and winners. It's got this cool sandstone cover-thingy. And it's really thick. Ish. Yeah. I'll stop rambling now and re-read all of it. They're all really quite good, but my favorite was 'Searching' by Eva Colås.

I'm going to stop rambling now. Really.

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