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Letter From Rives

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Dear Sir: - If the following should be considered of sufficient importance, you will please give it an insertion in the Signal of Liberty. A Sign. At the recent Town Election held in the town of Rives, Jackson county, the issue was strictly joined between Abolitionists and their opponents, whigs and democrats, joining their forces. The abolitionists resolved at their caucus that they would vote for no pro-slavery man for office. - Our town is small - containing about 80 or 90 voters. We polled 76 votes and elected clerk, one school inspector and one constable. We think that most of the other officers might have been elected with proper management. The number of abolitionists have nearly doubled since last fall election. Yours for the liberation of of the slave. R.H. KING To Rev. G. Beckley, Rives, April 12, 1841