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A Slave Prison

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The fullowing account of a slave Prison is extracled from a communication signed by J. Dudge in Zion's Watchman: While in Ballimore last spring, I visited this establishment. In the course of our convcrsalion, said Mr. S. : - " Gcnilemen, 1 suppose this looks liko cruel business to you, but I do not so view it. 1 have been brought up in the midst of slavery; the law justifies me in it; ne groes have nol so great a dread of going South as you, perhaps, imagine. They fnncy the soulh to be a fine country, and ihat many of iheir colorare there; so ihat ihey are rathcr pleased with the idea of going than otherwisc.1' Having told us the slaves wcre conveyed by ships to Georgia, Alaba ma, Sic, we inquired how they were taken Irom the prison to the ships ? "O," said he, -'we have to put runs on iheni lo tuke thcm to the ships." Whala proofoftheir ilosire to go South? They aro not tobe trusted to walk a quartcr of a imle without being pul ia irons, to embark for that dtlightful countr ! Alas! my bloodchills at the thoughï of ihat heart-sickeninjj scène, lo the present hour. There were the high walls, the iron-grated doors, the bars, and bult?, and keys, as though preparations had been made for the confinemcnt of the Vériwl folons. Yes, and there was the fierce bloodhound, whose incessant sullen growi, and flashing eyeballe, seemed to mark him as a fit presiiiing genius over that manhating establishment. And there rere eome iwelve or fifteeo sable victima of cupidity, whose cyes wera as iutently fixd un us, from (he time wc entered the precints of that hateful prison until wedeparted, qs though we had been visitors from unother world. Whilo looking upon these oor fellows, and thinking of their cruol ate, I was more than ever "convinced of the great evil of e)avery,M and was moro nclmed than ever before to swear eternal hatred to this "sum of all rillanies." The number of imigrants to th3, from foreign counti ies, from the first of January to the lat of November, is 57,990.