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Poetry: A Working Man's Appeal

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[The folio wing lines appeared in the Washington Globo, last year, before the Presidential election. They were doubtless believed at the time to contain sound democratie doctrine. But if the sentiments are democratie, they contam a Iarge ehare of Anti-Slavery spuit and feeling, and the tenor of the wbole pioce would seem to con firman opinión vvhich some have adyanced, that abolition principies are the same witb Iho real principies of democracy, when carried out to their legitímate extent.] A WorJcing Man's Appeal. Reyolving years still speed their course away, And man still tramples on bis fellow clay, Throughout the world the people cry in pain; Strong are they beund in slavery 's galling chain. Too long their dearest rights have been betrayed, Too long havetyrants iron sceptre swayed; Still are they keptMnsuperstitious awo By dronea with money by the aidof law. Yefy thousands of the laboring race of man, From year to year, since early time began, Have spent their days in servile toil and pain, And all their la'aors been the rich man's gain , The poor man's hands rear up the palace wall, Hia ekill and toil bedeck the palace hall; "ïet hardly knows he where to lay his head, His home 's a hovel, and the straw hiB bed! He raake8 fine clothing, withits glossy hue, To deck the persons of the lordly fev; Yet, for himself, a coat can acaree obt ain, He toils 6everely, but he toils in vain? Wbat makes this difierence in the social state? Ara all things governed by decrees of fate? Why should the labórer who prepares the feastPartake of none, or yat partake the least? Because your laws, your country 's Iaws are wrong; They help the mighty and assist the strong; To him who hath much wealth, they give him more; The poor they make yetpoorer tbanbefore! Bank charters are to help the monster wealth; lacrease the influence of his giant eelf, Hilitia Iaws compel the poor to figlit For those who rob thcm of their unborn right. The lawe! reform the laws, ye workingmen! Theo will y ou have your rights, and not til' then; Let not accumulators make for you Their unjust laws, to benefit the few, Then "onward" be the word, until we see The laws made equal, and mankind made free, Remember 'tia the laws that you must scan, And be they based upon the rights of man.