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Whig Administration.--opinion Of The South

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The Republican Whigs of Richtend j District, South Carolina, have published; nn address, from which the following is extracted by the Pennsylvania Freeman: "Considering the elevation of John TyIer tothe Presidency, withall the joalousyj of sectional interest, Iet us ask, what hasj ihe South to hope or to fear from him? - ' Willhe bewithus, or against U3? VVillJ our interests be guarded and defended, orj left naked and unprotected? Will the' great rightarm of Executive power, under j the Constitution, be extended over us, orj will it be withdrawn when our rights are invaded, our liberties and institutionsj threatened? Let the past history and; present pledges of John Tyler suffice to answer. ís the South opposed to an op-j pressive and unconstitutional tariff? So, Í3 John Tyler. Is she opposed to waste-, ful and unconstitutional expenditures ofj the public money for purposes of internal improvements? Sois John Tyler. Has the South peculiar domeslic institulions to protect? Both at home and abroad, is a fanatic crusade now waging against those( institutions. Are mad dreamers engaged ín that crusade, who seem bent on proscuting it tiJl the noble frame-work of our Luiion shall have been disjointed, dissever ed, and crushed forever? Let us ask, who is likely to do more,or suffer more or darc more for the South, in this gtoomy and portentious warfare, than the 'unterrificd Statesrnan who now liolds the helm of government?'" The Address goes on. We copy the (ipitals Rgihpy ffan in !he orjjin:il."We cali upon the State to remember ill this, and be JUST, be GRATEFUL, jeHERSELF. If she opposed he eleo ion of General Harrison, Iet her be reninded that he is burieii, and, with him et her opposition be buried also. If pary strife engendered prejudice and lmte ajainst her ancient friend, let her nobly con juer it, and, yielding her support, heartily md cordially, to his Administraties link ier destinies with a SOUTHERN SLA VE HOLDING, STATE RIGHTS, PRESIDENT, whose eye first saw the light of leaven, beaming upon the natal soil of Washington." The addressconckides with aseries of csolutions, the last of which recommends he observance of the 14th day of May ís a day offasting,humilialion and prayer!