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Published in the antislavery newspaper The Liberator on July 2, 1841.

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Away from home, my love, my wife! How bow the linrering raoments rolll Nature with every charm is rife, And Autumn costs her solemn etole O'er glen and mountain, wood and plaiu But home bas charms of stronger spel), And voices which I feel more dear Than u!J those charms and sounds which tel The closing of 'the rolling year;' To these my heart returns again. Away from home, my love, my wife ! I hear no more cur prattlera' mirth, Buoyant with health, and joy, and life; Nor mark at evearound the hearth, Those emiles and voices wiiich we love. At noon I pause to bear them rush Tumultuousfrom the distant school, With sparkling eye and rosy blush; And when returns the evening cool, Their prayer to Him who rules above! Away from home, my love, my wife. The morning dawns in splendor bright, And busy Natura wakes to life; But all is strange - no sounds delight My Baddencd heart - no happy home Invites me to repose and peace; I linger on the distant hill And muse - and ask, why do not cease, These yearnings etrong? but decper still They come where'er I rest or roam. Away from home, my love, my wife! In dreams tbe midnight vvatch is spent; I saw thee bright and full of life, Iiike some good angel fcindly sent, To caira affection's troubled strife, Standing beside my couch - and lelt Thy genlle hand upon my heart, Thy breath upon my glowing cheek; I thought we were not far sport, I almost heard thee speak, While kneeling where so oft we've knelt. Away from home, my love, my wife! I meet no greetings like to thine - No hand so warm, instinct with life; No smile that answers beek to mine. The world is all too cold for me; Friendship is a deceiíful sound - I would not leave my home nor thee, For all those pleasures which abound, In mirth, in song, in revelry. ; i They'd keep my heart, oh God, from thee.;