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Another Baptist Testimony

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The last Vermont Telegraph publishes' the following resolutions, adopted by the, Shaftabury(Vt.)Babtii:t associalior.Thg as-; fiuciation ought to send a copy to their Alabama brethren, who employ a missionary : of their own - a preaching chattle to labor in their Home Mission field, and who! gravely resolve that "slavery is in perfect' accordance with tho holy diclates of thej Biblo." It is such action as thisof the! Vermont Baptist which will and must bel feit by the slave system through its influence on the professedly Christian slaveholders. The resolution speaks a plain language; with no saving clauses tö furnish a! loop hole of retreat for those who, half convinced of the truth, are willing to escape its presure by hidingaway araongthe 'pe-l culiar circumstances of the case." Unlike many of the resolutions ofour vuriousecle-' eiustical bodies on this subject, it is not' Jevelled against the system rnerely, without touchingthepracticeor rebuking those engaged in it. While such action is confmed to here and fhere one of the religious bodies of the North, the elaveholder may effect to despise and disregard it - thoug'h even then he doubtless often feels something of the sting of a quickendconscience. But let it become general throughout the free States, and who that knows the fitrcngth of the bond which holds religeous associations together, and the power of that influence of which it is the medium of communicaiion from part to part, can doubt its mighty and salutary cfficacy? Resolved, That American Slavery is sinful under all possible circumstances - that its essential ingredients are thosegrant violationa of God's law and ihe rights of man which tho Bible cvery where condemns, and which separate frora slavery, every where cxclude those who are guilty of them from the pale of the ChrÍ6tian church. Resolved, That to exclude slavehoUders from the pulpit and the communion table, is to institute no new "test" - that the test is as old as Christianity, and idenlicle with its most legitímate worhings and its most commonly rceeived practices. Resolved, That the timo has fully come for measures to be taken to open channels,for our benevolent contribulions, Which shall not be contaminated with the price of blood . Resolved, That we view the proceedings of the late Trientiiul conveution at Baltimore, in rrjecting Elon Galusha from the Board of Vice Presidents, a basé' bowing down to the "dark spirit of sbivery," against which we enter our solemn protest?, as Christians and as humnn beings. Resolved, That we love union much, bntlhat we luvetruth and purity more.