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The facts, ihat the free states, with one third Ies3 territory and a poorer soil, nunii)er now twice as many treemen as the slave sta'es; ihat their population is neary three millions greater than the whole slave and free populalion of the South combined; that, white ihc difierenee beween the rates of incrense in' the twosecions from 1820 to 1830 was but 3 per cent., the increase during the last ten years in the free state3 was at ths rate of 37 per cent., in the slave States only 19 j that tho older slavestates are uow standing still in population and production; that iti point of educatiun the Suulh is ! urably behind the North; that , in the pro. j ducts oí ngriculture, &c, theie iá a 1 ence in favor of the latteroi' one hundredand thirly millions of dollar?, while, as it regards manufactures nnd commerce, there is and can lie no compai son belween themj that by the noxt apporlionment, allowing 60,000 as the batís, the slave statcs will loóse niue representativos, and tlia free statca gaiu thirtcen, tlius making ai diflferenc.G in favor of the latter of 32 representatives; - all these íacts have carried startling conviction to the mind of cvery intelligent citizen, that Slavcrv cannot,must not exist tnuch lemmer among us - it is a public nuisnncc, a national curse, for in cuttiog the sincws of what ouht lo be the strongest and richest st;xtes in ihis Union, it strike3 at the Union ilself, and impairs its power.