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The late National Convenüon, nclopted with unanimity the following PLAN OF ORGANIZATION. 1. A National Cominittee to meet nc Utica, to have a general care and ovorsight of the cause throughout the naiion and to act as a Central Concsponding Commhtee. 2. State Committees, to pérfórm siini lar duties,in their respeciive States. 3. County Committees, the sume in their respective counties. 4. City and District Committees, the same in their respective cities jind districts.5. Jownship and Ward Commiltee?, to have the particular charge óf their respective townships or wards. This duty may be performed ly their appointing a Sub-Commhtee to consist of one member from énch block, square, aèction, sub-division or neighb'rhood, whose duty it wilt be, lo endeavor to áboütíoñize his sub-division, or at least to asccriain, as far as practicable, how many of the legal voters will vote the Liberty Ticket, and transmit the number to his city or cöunty commiltee, (who is to forward the number of voters in Iheir city or county to their State Committee, and the State Committee is to forward the number of votes in their State to the National Committee,) and also to distribute, or cause to be distributed in his Sub-divislm, such, tracts, circulare, notices, tickets, &o., as sliull be furnished by his superior Gommiltee for that purpose. Each Committee is to communicate with their next superior Commitlee once a y ear, or oftener, iirequired, and to meet atsuch time and place, not Iess than once a month, as &hall be agreed tipon betwegfl them and tteir Superior Comnitíee.S. Walker, an Aboliüoniet of Ohio, ha addressed a communication to Presiden Tyler, through tho Philanlhropiet, calling his attention to that passoge of Scripture which requiree a ruler to be just, and to rule in the fear of God, and urging him to comply with these requisitions, by liberating bis ölaves. QA Democratie Whig State Convention hos been called to meet at Marshall Se;t, 8, to nomínate candidatos for Governor and Lieut. Governor.