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Poetry: Emancipation In The West Indies

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Where Jaugh the bright Antillen Amid the Southern main, Oppression lonij n pride had ruled With bloody scourge and chain - The negro, crushed beneath his hond, , Bent at bis cheorless toi), And poured hip unavailing tears Upon the thirsty soil. Curses and groans went upward Continually to Cjod, And shrieks whicli vexed the quiet oir Where'er the tyrant trod- The negroe's cup was dregged with tears, And - darkest, dreariest fate - His fetters clanked within his bouJj And marie it desolate. Year after year of bondage The self-sarne story told Of guilt, and woe, and eevered hearts, Mothers and children sold- Hopea crushed, affections blighted, tiee The holiest, rent in twam, And myriad victims fliing upon Thy bloqdy alter, Gain! (3od saw it all! - the record Was traced hefore His eye- - And m hia own good time he sent Deliverance from on high! For the oppression of the ppqF He rose and shook the earth ; His hand unlocked the prison door, And led the capiives forth. Then swelled the choral anthem Those sunny islcs among - The freedman shouted iq his joy, And songs were on histounge: Songs of thanksgiving - bursts of prayfir, On every hill were heard. The rales were vocal, and. the air With moleody was stirred! Praiseto Thy name, Jehovah! Who hath deliverance wrought! We view the wondere of Thy power, With reverential thought; Ye cry.tq Thee in faith-O Lfttd! Stretch forth Thy helping hand,- . Break the strong fetters of the slave, And spare our guilty land!