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The Twenty-first Rule

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-Theern Whig members of Compromise, as it is called, feel vory seneittvely the opinión exiressed by many Northern papers, that we are as much gagged as ever. The Friend of Vían calis the vote of the House refusing to receive any pelitions on any subject not emraced by the President's message, except a bankrupt law;, amammothgag. Hon. Seth M. Gates has thought it necessary to writo a ong letter for the Albany Eyening Journal arguing that there is now no Gag, from the act that the Llst rule was iivc limes solemnly rejected. To our our apprehension, ïowever, arefusal receive thepetitions of the leople, by whatever name it is called, is an unjtistifiable act, and t should receive the united and indignant reprobation of a free eople.