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Meeting In Kalamazoo

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At a meeting of the Abolitionists of the southern part of the countyof Kalamuzoo, held at the Baptist meeting house in Schoolcraft, on Thursday, the 8th day of July, B. C. Simmons "was called to thechair, and S.B. Thayer appointed Secretary. The object of the meeting being stated by Dr. Thomas, the following gentlemen were appointed a committee to draft resolutions: Dr.N. M.Thomas, Col. A. McKinstrey, Win. Woodruff, Esq., Delmore Duncan and VVm. Taylor. In the absence of the Committee, the meeting was addrcssed by Mr. Wm. VVheeler of St. Joseph Co., Mr. Barker of Calhoun Co., and numerous olher gcntles menupon the propriety of Independent political action. Upon the return of the commitlee, the following prenmble and resolutions were submitted by them : Whereas, Slavery,as it exists n the District ol Columbia, under the immediute observation of the representaties of the people, is agreat national evil which tarnishes the national honor, and is ut varmnce with tho great doctrine of American Independence, which declares as eelf evident truths, thatall men are bom equnlly Tree, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that nmon these are life, liberty and the purauit of happiness. Therefore, Resolved, That slavery as it exists in the District of Columbia, ought not to continue any longer, and as Cungress has the power to abolish it, ihat power Jould, therefore, be exerted to effect it.Resolved, That as ihe power of Congress s exerted to suslain slavcry tn numerous nstances, for which acts ihe pecple are responsible; and as ihe people posscss the the power of remedyinpolitical giievances, the ballot box befng the most potent agent at command that can be used for that purpose, they ought there fore to appeal to t for the retnoval of these enormousevils. Resolved, That as independent pohtical action is the best plan of rendering the efforts of abolitionists efficiënt, it il therefore the duty of the abolitionisu of this county to resort to it. The above resolutions were freely debaied and unanimously adopied. The following i-eBolutions were also adopted: Resolved, That a general meeting of all ihose in Kalamazoo Co. who are favorable to immediate emancipation, wilt be held at the Court House in Kalamazoo on the first Saturday in August, at 10 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of more efficiënt organization. A general attendanco of those favorable is solicited. Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by ihe President and Secretary, and pubüshed in tho Kalamazoo Gazettee. Delmore Duncan, Isaac Brigg9 and Dr. N. M. Thomas were appointed a commit-tee to make the necessary arrangruents for the county meeting. BEN J, C. SIMMONS, Pi es't . i S. B. Thayer, Sec.