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-We publish to daya eau tor a Uounty Oonvention of the friends ofüberty, to meet on the 25t,h instant, and also for a Convention of the senatorial district to meet on the Bameday. We are au. thorizedto say that the hospitahty of the friends in this place wül be cheerfully exlended to all who may come. It is highly important that this ñrst Convention of political abolitionists n this county, be well attended. Jackson, Ingham, Eaton, Oakland and Kulamazoo have already preceeed us, and Wayne, Livingston and other counties are on the move. Now that the waters are troubled,be notafra id to etep in. Brethren make your calculaïioas to icome- let all come. Let each man, who owns a span of borses, rcsolve himself into a cotmnittee of arraugeinents, and see to it that a goodly number of lus neighbors are seasonably transporfed to the place of mseting. In this way the work will bedonc. A part only oï the ñames to be attached to a cali for ihccounty and senatorial Conventions havo been received. Will those who have the remaindor forward them iramediately-


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